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10 Incredibly Creative Profile Designs That Will Truly Inspire You

By Nikola Krajacic, June 6, 2011 is a relatively new web service where you can easily create a free one-page website about yourself. It’s something like an online business card. Because of the great domain, it’s pretty useful and there’s really no need to have your own domain name for it.

Everything on is pretty much self-explanatory. Once you register, you will get a subdomain where you can add your picture as well as links to profiles on various social networks and sites. To get started on, you’ll just need a short text about yourself and your skills, a photo and some inspiration for getting that “wow” feeling in the design of your profile.

We can’t help you with the first 2, but we made a list of the 10 most creative profiles that should get your inspiration juices flowing! Check them out and leave links to other great profiles in the comments!

The 10 Most Creative Profiles - Steve Arnold

Steve Arnold –

We love fish. A lot. And that’s why we really like Steve’s profile page. By looking in wonder at all those tropical fish and his bio with a snorkel and without a mask on his face, Steve made it on our creative profiles list. - James Joshua Gladden

James Joshua Gladden says he ate his first insect when he was 9. Because of that, he became an entomologist, hence the dead bee on his profile. Good enough for us. - Laurel Jay Carpenter

Laurel Jay Carpenter –

When you’re a performance and installation artist, you want to show that to the world. And that is exactly what Laurel Jay Carpenter did. - Veronyka Jelinek

Veronyka Jelinek –

Similar to Laurel, Veronyka Jelink also created a very creative page. Veronyka is into animation, illustration and comics, and her profile page shows it nicely. - Michoel Ogince

Michoel Ogince –

Michoel Ogince is a photographer and runs a photography blog named One in Focus. What’s in focus are some birthday candels with blurred background. Colorful and creative profile page. - Colleen Marlow

Colleen Marlow –

Collen Marlow is another working bee in our profiles list. She says that having fun is one of her core values, and she’s not afraid to express it. Being in love with amusement parks, fairs and circuses, Collen’s profile page pictures her as a bee collecting some sweet nectar. - James Ellison

James Ellison –

James Ellison used his Instagram shots to create an profile page; a nice little album featuring probably the most valuable things in his life. We haven’t stumbled on something like that, so we’re adding him to our list. - Pedro Thomas

Pedro Thomaz is a designer, photographer and a guitar player. According to his mother, Pedro is a really nice guy, and according to us, he has a really nice profile page. We really digg how he smilingly looks at his profile! - Susane Iles

Susanne Iles –

Susanne’s profile page claims that she seeks to reconnect our natural world with the Divine. Her profile illustrations send the same message. Susanne is an artist and a writer who decided to illustrate her profile page instead of putting up a photograph. - Gian Luca Ranno

Gian Luca Ranno –

Gian’s profile page is on this list because of a great message in the photograph. Make sure to check it out and think about it – are you the future? Today’s kids definitely are.

What profile would you add to our list? Comment and share it! You can always submit yours after creating it at


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  1. avatar Gian Luca says:

    Thanks Nicola 😉
    Gian Luca

  2. avatar Gian Luca says:

    I’ll do it………and…… best wishes to, great idea, great site!

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