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Why You Need A Digital Portfolio And How To Make One

November 26, 2014

Portfolio, that’s that funny looking case people lug around and keep all their artwork in, right? No.Read more…

Take Control of the Brand Called You: Finding Your Story

November 25, 2014

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon In a world full of brands, who needs one more? Well, you. And the brand we’re talking about is, namely, you. The question is no longer whether you want to make a personal brand of yourself. […]Read more…

What Happens After Your Final ‘Disconnect’ ?

November 24, 2014

In the age when we leave so many digital footprints that we’re having hard time keeping track of our own steps, you have to ask – what happens when our time is up and we can no longer type or click? I’m talking about dying of course, because what else would get you to disconnect? […]Read more…

Why Video Games Are Actually Good For You – According To Science

November 21, 2014

In the last decade, electronic gaming industry made a huge boom and became number one profitable entertainment business, exceeding movies and music. Considering that it is a new type of entertainment, it is sometimes hard to believe, especially if you are a member of the older population. Not to mention scepticism or negativity that is […]Read more…

Taking Control Of Your Personal Info With Disconnect.Me

November 19, 2014

Once it’s online, it stays online, or so “they” say. But it is kinda true. Once you go viral or leave your digital footprint somewhere on the Internet, it is hard to erase it from people’s minds, and even harder from servers’ memory. Being anonymous is a thing that only Banksy can keep up these days. […]Read more…

How To Write A Great Resume – By Recruiters

November 18, 2014

There are many blog posts and news articles out there providing you with tips, tricks and tutorials on how to make your resume stand out and get you to that next step in hiring process – the interview. I even wrote one myself. But the sheer amount of, often conflicting, advice given on the topic […]Read more…

Building Trust In The Age Of Anonimity

November 17, 2014

Internet, the place where we can be both completely exposed and anonymous at the same time. Our potential employers can Google us in a minute, our dates can stalk us over social media and the whole world can find out more about your life then you’d ever tell your own grandma. On the other hand, […]Read more…

How To Rationalize Emotion And Create A Brand?

November 14, 2014

Croatian city of Rijeka is playing host today to the rock’n’roll startup conference RockPaperStartups, and .Me’s own Nataša Đukanović took the stage today to talk about – emotions. Okay, so we skipped a few steps. Let’s get back to the beginning. What Nataša talked about was branding, and that is inseparable from emotions. In a […]Read more…

The Masters Have Spoken: 13 Inspiring Personal Branding Quotes

November 13, 2014

During the last few weeks we have explored the importance of personal branding, foundations of personal branding, how social media affects our job search, what tools we can use to take control of our online presence and how to make our resume part of our personal branding efforts. It can be a lot to take on […]Read more…

Be Who You Want To Be: 5 TED Talks That Build You Up

November 12, 2014

Under the motto “ideas worth spreading”, TED conferences are the place where knowledge, science, technology and humanity get together to make our lives and ourselves a bit better, one short talk at a time. We’re bringing you a selection of some of the talks that influenced us most and that can help you become the persona you […]Read more…

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