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Truthly.Me Makes You Tell The Truth (And Get Away With It)

April 15, 2014

I was roaming Around Tbilisi, Georgia (the country, not the state), doing some startup ethnography, and covering a startup event TbilisiFTW. And right there, in the heart of Eurasia, far away from home, I stumbled upon something very farmiliar- one of the .ME startups, of course! Like all startup events, this one had a pitching […]Read more…

Gear5.Me Interview: How an In-house Tool Became a Great Product

April 11, 2014

This time, let’s get straight to the point. Gear5.Me is an easy-to-use website-performance monitoring system that will give you a comprehensive and understandable performance information to help you speed up your websites. It is an internal startup project of Infostud and the idea for the project was conceived at the beginning of 2013. Founders Nebojša […]Read more…

Mercedes Gets Personal With Mercedes.ME

April 10, 2014

A sleek, engaging design. A clear message that resonates with visitors, and promises to turn customers into a community. A tailored, hand-written font used to emphasize the word “me” and underscore the personalized experience that is at the very core of this new service. Mercedes-Benz, whose motto is “The best or nothing,” just got personal […]Read more…

Hack.Me – Hack Away White Hat Style

April 9, 2014

What is your first association when somebody says “hackers”? To some of us it is the movie of the same title with Angelina Joile and Jonny Lee Miller. However, just like in the movie, many people have very negative connotations with the word. Of course, all knowledge can be used in a bad and in […]Read more…

Hey, Startups! Got an Exit Startegy? ExitPlan.Me does.

April 4, 2014

People evolve. Businesses evolve. At some point in your life, your business will grow and maybe outgrow you. Option number one is to expand and grow even more. If you are an entrepreneur and have guts and money, this could be the way. But sometimes people don’t need bigger things, or circumstances change. Whatever the […]Read more…

Kano.Me – Computer? Building blocks? Why Not Both!

March 31, 2014

All of us who have ever played with building blocks know how fun it can be. Although there are instructions with every set of blocks, the real fun was getting your hands on the bucket full of (free range)blocks. It allowed us to let our imagination run wild, and we could build anything we  imagined. […]Read more…

Spring Cleaning Of the Mind: The Best Online Platforms For A Better You #2

March 28, 2014

Last week we wrote about online platforms that will make you better (in just about anything), and today we bring you another 10 platforms to boost your personal spring growth. You may have heard about some of them, but even if you had, visit them again. Take this as an incentive. Codecademy If you are a […]Read more…

PornBurger.Me: Mathew Ramsey On No-Porn-But-All-Decadence Blog

March 26, 2014

Our faithful readers know that we had a series of articles about starting your WordPress blog. We wrote about how to start it, how to create content day in and day out, how to promote your work and all the other aspects of (professional) blogging. So it is always a delight to come across a blog with […]Read more…

The Lean Brand: Learn How to Brand Through Emotional Value from Jeremiah Gardner

March 24, 2014

The word lean gets thrown around quite a lot these days, and not just because the bikini season is coming. Lean startup and lean entrepreneur are the two collocations that first pop into mind, however, there is one more that should not be overlooked, and that is lean branding. We all love watching Mad Men […]Read more…

Xcloud.Me – Security In The Clouds

March 21, 2014

“Bless your soul, you’ve got your head in the clouds…” is the lyric from Adele’s famous song “Rumor Has It”. The rest of the song has no relevance for this text, but this one particularline has. If you are business, or a non-corporate entity, you are probably operating in the cloud. In today’s interconnected world […]Read more…

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