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How Personal Websites Can Make Recruiting Human Again

August 27, 2015

How long did it take you to fill in the last application form for a job opening? If your experience was anywhere close to the norm, it took you at least half an hour and left you feeling deeply frustrated with the system. In addition, if you were lucky enough to receive any response, it […]Read more…

5 Simple Tips for Securing Your Private Data on Vacation

August 27, 2015

It’s vacation season, and we are all hype about different destinations. Once the packing time arrives, there are big chances that our packing list will include our favorite gadgets: laptop/tablet, smartphone and digital camera. Why would you need them on vacation? Well, hopefully, you won’t be checking your business e-mails, but just keeping up with […]Read more…

Image Credits: Michael Coghlan

The 3 LinkedIn 3-Minute Habits You’re Ignoring in 2015

August 26, 2015

Last time, we set up your Twitter account in such a way, that now it actually helps promote your personal brand. While we could focus on Facebook next, the social network with the most potential than any other for gaining traction from your personal brand is – you guessed it – LinkedIn. The social network […]Read more…

3 Excellent WordPress Alternatives for Launching an eCommerce Store

August 25, 2015

No matter if you’re looking to start a small personal blog or huge enterprise-level eCommerce site, WordPress is currently the leading option for your endeavor. The platform has a large community of users and developers and they grow on a daily basis. However, we’ve decided to explore the market beyond WordPress and take a closer […]Read more…

Are You a Personality Quiz Lover, Really? …and Why You’ll Love 7apps.Me

August 24, 2015

What is your true addition? How hippie are you? Which cute baby animal are you? What kind of model should you be? These are just some of the questions that, for some apparent (we’ll discover which soon – science!) reason, you want answered. For those of you who LOVE quizzes and tests, there’s no better […]Read more…

3 Types of Websites You Aren’t On Top Of – And You Should Be (With Start.Me)

August 21, 2015

What websites do you visit every… single… day? Facebook, where you read what your friends are doing? That’s one. Google, where you search for stuff – two! What else? Keeping track of more than a few “essential” daily web destinations is hard. While you could argue that they might not just be as essential as […]Read more…

[INFOGRAPHIC] Fascinating New Facts about Fortune 500 Companies

August 20, 2015

Did you know that Fortune 500 companies account for 71,9% of total U.S. GDP? The Fortune 500 list consists of the largest U.S. companies ranked by their gross revenue. It is regarded as the iconic measure of business success and generates worldwide recognition for companies that find themselves on it. The list comes out annually […]Read more…

How to Get More Twitter Followers: Tweet-Voice & Repeat Tweets

August 19, 2015

Twitter is an important part of your social media presence that we talked about setting up as part of the Summer of .Me, a project in which you FINALLY decide to focus on yourself for once and refresh your personal branding across the (social) web. Part 1: How to write an “About Me” (This article) Part […]Read more…

Surprisingly Simple Strategies to Attract Target Visitors to a Newly Born Website

August 18, 2015

For most modern companies, a website or blog is the most efficient resource for online growth. However, just by building one, you can’t expect your audience to come in flocks. On the contrary, gathering the audience is a process that never ends and that is definitely most complicated at the beginning. Given the complexity of […]Read more…

Polar.Me Has Served Over 8,000,000,000 Native Ads

August 17, 2015

You’ve surely seen native ads before, right? They look like the content you encounter frequently on the web, such as articles, polls or even long-form interviews you loved on your favourite internet publisher’s website. A company called Polar.Me helps publishers you love, such as Forbes, AOL and Slate, serve native ads that “look and feel […]Read more…

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