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DIY Christmas: The Internet helps you decorate for the Holidays!

December 19, 2014

It is again that time of the year that is associated with good will and giving to others. However, it is also associated with snow, Santa, presents, seasonal ornaments and few other of your favourite things. However, sometimes you do not get a white Christmas, maybe you just moved out of your parent’s house so […]Read more…

Visiting the 6th Annual International Music Festival Conference (IMFCON)

December 18, 2014

The .ME team was at the 6th annual International Music Festival Conference / International Film Festival Conference in Austin, Texas. We were invited to participate as one of the major themes of this year’s show was the focus on how festivals are expanding their audiences and engaging community in a more meaningful way throughout the year both […]Read more…

Scan.Me Makes An Exit – Thanks To Snapchat

December 17, 2014

Snapchat, the little startup that had gone viral and turned down Facebook’s 3 billion dollar offer has just made a few acquisitions of its own, and among them is a company that goes by the name of Scan.Me. Apparently Snapchat acquired this QR scanning startup that makes good use of iBeacon technology for  $14 million […]Read more…

Lessons We Learned About Personal Branding

December 16, 2014

These past two months have been all about personal branding for .ME team. We were on a mission to educate college students and recent graduates about the importance of personal branding for their academic and professional future. Our online identities have become a proof of our existence and credibility, for brands and individuals alike. Just […]Read more…

More Than A Blog: A Personal Outlet & Resume

December 15, 2014

Being online is easy. You have millions of social networks and outlets where you can register for free. If you want, there are even some that can give you something extra if you pay something extra. But almost since the dawn of the Internet, the best representation of our (inner) selves were blogs. There you can not […]Read more…

This Is Real.Me – Keeping Your Privacy Safe And Sound

December 12, 2014

Privacy on the internet almost seems like an oxymoron, or at least like a feral place for trolling. However, just like in real life, over-sharing is obnoxious and you really don’t need to share everything you think and do. Keeping some things private is part of what keeps us sane and differs us from others. […]Read more…

Build a Personal Website in Seconds with

December 11, 2014

These past few weeks we have done our best to show you that managing your personal brand and, by extension, your online presence is a must for anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a professional. Research shows that 94% of recruiters are using or plan to use social media as a recruiting and […]Read more…

Best Outgrow.Me Picks: Geeky Kickstarted Presents For Holidays

December 10, 2014

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and even independently crowdfunded projects are mostly awesome. You can see a lot of products that are extremely useful and/or fun and you think to yourself “Why haven’t I thought of that!?”. It is a place where almost anyone can realise their ideas, of course, if they are crowdfunding worthy. But what after […]Read more…

Slingshot Gets Another Shot With A New Twist And A 2.0 Version

December 8, 2014

I think you’re already familiar with the tale – once upon a time a little company named Snapchat turned down a 3 billion dollar offer from another little company called  Facebook. Since the other little company had much more than 3 billion at their disposal, as well as a great big team of designers, developers […]Read more…

The Art Of Giving: Getting The Right Present

December 5, 2014

It’s that time of the year again – the time where you’re put on a test and have to pick just the right present.Read more…

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