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Video Games and Responsible Parenting – Never Discount the Online Interactions

July 2, 2015

We have already talked about the tools you can use to determine if the content of a video game is suitable for your child or not. One of them is ESRB rating system, which provides guidance when it comes to age-appropriateness, content, and interactive elements of the video game. However, there is a catch. While […]Read more…

#LoveWins, But What About Gay-Friendly Domain Names?

July 1, 2015

While a new ruling that makes same-sex marriages legal across the US means that couples’ identities will be guaranteed in the real world, where is the LGBT community in the digital world? What options do both couples and individuals have when it comes to their digital domain – specifically – (inclusive) domain names? In a […]Read more…

[INFOGRAPHIC] 4 Factors That Make Startups Successful

June 30, 2015

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between success and failure? What is that secret ingredient that makes that 1 in 4 startups really succeed? After all, more than 100 millions startups are created each year and competition is more than tough. We have already talked about the most frequent reasons of startup failure. […]Read more…

Image Credits: Moyan Brenn

10 Social Networking Etiquette Rules your Children Have to Know

June 30, 2015

Children learn the rules of acceptable social behavior from their surroundings. They take cues about the way to act and react in specific situations from their parents, friends and peers. Things are not different when they join online world. We, however, can help them be in the right surroundings. Kids get immersed in the world […]Read more…

3 Reasons ‘App Streaming’ Is Worth More Than $10 Million – and Knows It

June 29, 2015

Since we can stream music (Spotify, Deezer…) and movies (Hulu, Netflix), why wouldn’t we stream apps as well? Not their sound, silly, but their functionality. Why can’t your favourite, computer-processing-intensive app be available anywhere? Well,, the San Francisco based startup is working hard to make it a reality and they’ve just raised a follow-up […]Read more…

4 .Me Startups That Will Help You Get Your Life Sorted Out

June 26, 2015

Technology is supposed to make our lives  easier, but it seems to be making them busier, drowning us in information, notifications, to-do lists. Funny enough, the only way to tackle this is to use more tech, really. To be precise, to use some of the solutions meant to make our jobs and lives easier and […]Read more…

Don’t Let Google Define You – Take Control Over Your Narrative

June 26, 2015

It all started when a TechCrunch reporter, who was writing an article about him, asked which profile should he link to his name to. For Tony Conrad, founder and CEO of, that was an eye-opening moment. While most people would just point the reported to one of their social media profiles, he was not […]Read more…

3 Easy Ways to Protect your Domain Name from Cyber Threats

June 25, 2015

The World Wide Web continues to grow at crazy rates. New domain names are registered on a daily basis and their total number was roughly 284 million worldwide during the January of 2015. By comparison, in the end of 2012, the number of registered domains was around 252 million, meaning that more than 28 million […]Read more…

How the Internet Works – Building the Foundation of Your Personal Brand

June 25, 2015

The idea of people being brands can be a bit uncomfortable but when we engage in very public forms of mass communication, that is exactly what we create for ourselves. We have become small time (in some cases, very big time) entertainers through our blogs, Facebook updates, Twitter feeds, Instagram accounts and Snapchats. We are […]Read more…

All Fun & Play: Best Apps To Teach Your Kids Wicked Math Skills

June 24, 2015

By now we all know that language skills are best required at an early age, but that also goes for math skills. This does not mean that you have to go all over-achieving parent with complex math equations on your two-year old – learning basic math reasoning, however, through play and interactive games may help […]Read more…

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