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Ultra.Me Tops the Inc. 5000 as America’s Fastest Growing Private Company

September 4, 2015

With $118.2 million in total revenue in 2014. and with its revenue growth set at 100,849 percent, Ultra.Me has been named Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Company in America for 2015. – topping the prestigious annual Inc. 5000 list! All thanks to its team headed by veteran “telecom killer” David Glickman, a man on a […]Read more…

[INFOGRAPHIC] Social Networking Guide for Startups

September 3, 2015

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place that gathers people of similar interests and goals from all corners of the world? Oh, wait… According to the We Are Social report, with the population of 7 billion and 3 billion active internet users, every third person on Earth is online. At the moment, there […]Read more…

PayPal.Me Is Your Personal Link for Getting Paid – Instantly

September 2, 2015

It’s a link. Your personal link to get paid via PayPal. Nothing to see here. Fine, if you insist. It actually is really cool! PayPal.Me is probably the simplest and friendliest way that PayPal has made it possible for you to get paid. No more individual requests or hassle – just send your friends, family, […]Read more…

Email Marketing Campaign with WordPress: Plug-ins and Guides

September 1, 2015

Good old Email is not going anywhere. Email based marketing is still one of the most popular strategies, for both big and small enterprises. The data gleaned by Marketing Cloud shows that email marketing is just as successful and widespread marketing tactic as ever. Although many a prediction claim it will soon meet its demise […]Read more…

Ele.Me, China’s Biggest Meal Delivery Service, Raises $630 Million

August 31, 2015

Are you hungry? That’s exactly what Ele.Me is asking you in the form of its short and memorable name. You might be looking at what UberEATS is doing with its meal delivery service in Toronto or New York, but if you’re in the world’s single largest market, you’re probably ordering lunch through Ele.Me’s more than […]Read more… and What’s the Difference?

August 31, 2015

WordPress’s two related, yet essentially different incarnations available at and frequently represent a point of confusion for novice website owners. Although both are dedicated to revolutionizing the way we create and publish content online, these two resonate with two different audience groups. and were both started by Matt Mullenweg with an […]Read more…

Start.Me Is Your Personal Dashboard – Have You Created Yours Already?

August 28, 2015

Back in 2007, when Myspace was still the Facebook of social networks, iGoogle was the Myspace of home pages. One could argue that the home page is the most important place on the internet, in case you use the internet to be productive, instead of, we don’t know, cat videos. When Google discontinued its home […]Read more…

What Is Information Architecture and Why It Matters for WordPress Users

August 28, 2015

Although the phrase “Information Architecture” may sound a bit intimidating, the concept can be boiled down quite nicely so everyone is able to understand it. So, let’s try and do just that, so you would able to fathom just how important, but also easy, this fancy term can be for your next WordPress website. “Information […]Read more…

How Personal Websites Can Make Recruiting Human Again

August 27, 2015

How long did it take you to fill in the last application form for a job opening? If your experience was anywhere close to the norm, it took you at least half an hour and left you feeling deeply frustrated with the system. In addition, if you were lucky enough to receive any response, it […]Read more…

5 Simple Tips for Securing Your Private Data on Vacation

August 27, 2015

It’s vacation season, and we are all hype about different destinations. Once the packing time arrives, there are big chances that our packing list will include our favorite gadgets: laptop/tablet, smartphone and digital camera. Why would you need them on vacation? Well, hopefully, you won’t be checking your business e-mails, but just keeping up with […]Read more…

Image Credits: Michael Coghlan

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