21 Absolutely Essential (Summer) Website Owner’s Apps for Your iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry

Going on holiday and worried about your web presence? Don’t be. We’ve made a list of the dozen or so apps you should put on your mobile phone to be care free. As a blogger, web professional or small business owner with a website, time to get your mobile apps ready for the summer.

Get Set for Social Media

Want to take care of all your social media profiles and pages? Yes, you’ll have to tweet from the beach if you don’t have “people” to do it for you so you better get set. Organize these apps into a folder on your device called social and be sure to activate notifications so you know about all the mentions coming in while sipping that margarita:

The official (1) Twitter mobile apps will take care of your Twitter profiles on your iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7 device.

Hootsuite is a web-based social media management application that started life as a Twitter client but evolved to include both Facebook and LinkedIN as well as a number of other networks. You can (2) get their iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPad apps that are ideal for managing multiple social networks and scheduled posts.

Twitter loves mobile, obviously.

Facebook’s (3) official iPhone and Android apps aren’t ideal for managing your Facebook fan page, but will get the job done.

TweetDeck was recently bought by Twitter so their support for other social networks might be eliminated one day, but currently its (4) mobile apps the best way to have a look at all your social networking profiles after Hootsuite on your iPhone, Android and iPad.

Status? On the Move with a Lot of Utilities

Your vacation is not the time or place to worry about your website so you might as well keep one eye (or app) on it. There are a number of apps that will let your know if your site goes down or your web connection is faulty.

Pingdom is a website uptime tracker that will let you know if your site goes down. They offer a number of premium packages but you can always use their free accounts with their (5) iPhone and Android apps. There’s also a free third-party Pingdom app for Windows Phone 7 that uses their REST API.

The need for (web) speed.

Speedtest is probably one of the best know connection speed testing services out there. Even professionals use it to check connection speeds on the move. Since you might be spending the summer in a hotel that told you about their awesome wi-fi connection, why not check? (6) Download the official Speedtest apps for the iPhone or Android and just make sure.

Google Analytics is the most popular website analytics tool on the market, a true standard for most website owners. Because of its popularity there are numerous mobile apps that you can try. Check out (7) BAM Analytics Pro, (8) Ego and (9) Analytics for the iPhone, (10) Nomad Analytics for BlackBerry or (11) Analytix and (12) Mobile GA for Android.

Data in Every Place You Visit

Knowing your website is working is all fine and dandy but you’ll probably get a call in the middle of the night for a file that’s gone missing. You’re the only person that knows  where it might be, but your miles away: what now? Well, launch one of these apps access all your files.

You can use (13) Dropbox that offers you official iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android apps. Its an online storage service that you can integrate into your PC and put all your important files into. However, be sure to encrypt them just in case!

They're on the right track...

VNC apps let you connect two computers or mobile devices that are miles away. You set up the application on your computer and then get the client for your iPhone or Android. In the case of an iPhone, (14) iTeleport is a safe (although not cheap) bet, while for both iPhone and Android you can get (15) TeamViewer. Both apps are user friendly and will take long to setup.

If these VNC apps aren’t your thing and you want something even simpler, try (16) GoToMyPC that’s a good fit for your friends and relatives who you really don’t want to (technologically) support during the summer. Install, get the app, go.

Everything Else You Might Need

Now that we have the big problems sorted, lets take a look at some specific apps you might as well download and put in your favorite app folders:

WordPress has done an outstanding job with its mobile apps, especially the latest WebOS tablet app that looks spectacular. Fear not, you can (17) get WordPress for Windows Phone 7, Android, iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry as well as Nokia phones!

Basecamp is one of the most popular project management tools on the web and while they do offer a mobile version of their website, we all know that apps work best. Third-party developers have done an outstanding job making a number of Basecamp apps, including (18) Ascent for Windows Phone 7, (19) Beacon for Android as well as (20) Summit and (21) Outpost 2 for the iPhone and iPad.

So these are the apps we’re taking along to the beach, what about you?


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