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.Me Premium names are highly valuable .Me domains, such as key-words and generics, which naturally create call-to-action and catchy marketing message due to their memorability and meaning. Try to forget a service called About.Me, Return.Me or Join.Me. A number of .Me premium names have been already turned to successful online services receiving tons of traffic. Our very best domains are reserved for the Premium Domain Program. If you have a good idea to share with the world, we want to share our domains with you! You can find the list below:

Premium domains list

So far, many .Me premium names have been allocated, some of which are today’s most popular URL shorteners like Fb.Me (Facebook), Wp.Me (WordPress), Ti.Me (Time Magazine) and services such as Reveal.Me (a social network with an integrated crypto-currency), Ga.Me (a platform for creating and playing online games), About.Me (the fastest way to create personal pages), Join.Me (an intuitive tool for online meetings) and Blog.Me (South Korean blogging platform).

We are passionate about working with companies, startups, online communities and entrepreneurs who want to brand themselves with meaningful, memorable .Me domains. Connect your best idea with the best domain by submitting an application. Prior to submitting an application please review the Allocation criteria and read through the Allocation agreement.

Please fill in the application form providing as much detail as possible about intended usage of your choice of .ME premium name, your references and marketing plan.

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Contact us with any questions. We want to help you get started with .Me!


Auctions of .Me premium names were organized in collaboration with major domain auctioning platforms. There are no auctions planned for the next period.

For the top results of the .ME premium names auctions, please refer to the table below.

 Premium domain  Event Registered for
 date.me  TRAFFIC, New York 70,000 $
 love.me  DOMAINfest, Santa Monica 32,000 $
 like.me  SnapNames online auction 26,500 $
 teach.me  NameJet online auction 20,100 $
 ask.me  TRAFFIC New York  20,000 $
 trade.me  SnapNames  18,501 $
 buy.me  TRAFFIC New York  17,500 $
 click.me  SnapNames  17,200 $
 contacts.me  Sedo  15,600 $
 host.me  NameJet  15,200 $
 loan.me  TRAFFIC New York  15,000 $
 map.me  SnapNames  14,500 $


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