Almost 3,000 Premium .ME domains Open for Registration at Afternic

Almost 3,000 Premium .ME domains Open for Registration at Afternic

After more than ten years of running the Premium Domain Program and working mainly with startups and internationally and regionally established companies, we decided to improve and simplify the process of allocating .ME premium names by making them available to everyone via Afternic platform!

The main idea behind the Premium Domain Program is to match highly valuable .ME domains such as keywords, abbreviations and call-to-action domains with the most innovative ideas and businesses out there. During this past decade, some of Premium Domain Program alumni, such as Facebook ( and, WordPress ( and Telegram (, literally changed the way we behaved online, and others like and made our lives, at least, a bit easier.


“Bringing premium names previously available exclusively through the .ME Premium Domain Program to the market is a wonderful move. The message .ME conveys appeals to customers of all ages regardless of whether they want to use the domain for personal or business purposes. Enabling users to easily acquire these names using Afternic’s network will give end-users and investors a great chance to find their perfect online address.”.

Bob Mountain, Chief Revenue Officer at Afternic, a GoDaddy Company

However, even though the interest in .ME premium domains only increased over time, we realized that the existing application procedure sometimes discouraged the innovators and businesses. That is why we strongly believe that, by removing the existing restrictions, we will make the registration of .ME premium domains more user-friendly and encourage everyone who wants to take a shot at launching the next-big-thing to think about .ME


Predrag Lesic

“In the online world everything starts with a domain. This is why the goal of .ME Premium Domain Program has always been to find the perfect home for .ME premium names by allocating them to the most promising startups, companies and entrepreneurs. Liberalization of the allocation process is a logical step forward in helping the next About.ME, Line.ME and Wa.ME make a statement with the most personal domain extension”.

Predrag Lešić, CEO of .ME Registry

What does this mean for you?

This mean that, from October 30 to December 30, about 3,000 .ME domains, previously available exclusively through our Premium Domain Program, will be offered via Afternic at “buy-now” prices. To register a .ME premium domain you need to:

  1. Join Afternic by creating a free account at
  2. Find a .ME Premium domain you like.
  3. Click on the “buy now” button and pay by selecting one of the available payment options.
  4. Wait for the ESCROW to process the payment and the domain transfer.

As soon as the domain is transferred to your account it can be managed like any other domain which means that it has to be renewed. Renewal fees, as well as all other fees associated with the domain, including transfer and domain redemption, are subject to regular pricing depending on your domain provider (a.k.a. registrar) of choice.

.ME premium domains at Afternic

Which .ME premium domains are listed at Afternic?

There is a wide range of options and categories but the most attractive include:

  1. One character and two-character domains: X.ME Z.ME 8.ME, VR.ME, TV.ME and 4G.ME
  2. Call-to-action domains such as almost any combination of an English verb and .ME extension: Carry.ME, Improve.ME, Promote.ME, Refresh.ME, Include.ME, and Discover.ME.
  3. Business, industry and entertainment keywords like: Hosting.ME, Games.ME, Homes.ME, Credit.ME, Casino.ME, and Cartoon.ME.
  4. Short domains and abbreviations: Pos.ME, Ins.ME and Are.ME. 
  5. Non-English call-to-action domains like Casa.ME, Empleo.ME, Invita.ME, Exito.ME, Podseti.ME and Sans.ME.

And many more!

What happens with .ME Premium Domain Program?

Our Premium Domain Program will remain in place. By making the registration of premium .ME names as seamless as possible, we are hoping to encourage entrepreneurs who dream big to get a .ME premium domain their idea deserves and advance the program’s mission.


Vuksan Rajkovic

Vuksan is professor of English language and literature working as a bizdev at .ME Registry, a fancy title meaning “doing everything you can to boost the number of .ME partners and registrations across the world". He is passionate about traveling, food, startups, domain industry and writing for .ME blog.

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