Amanda Foster – A Stuntwoman, A Role Model, An Inspiration

Amanda Foster – A Stuntwoman, A Role Model, An Inspiration

What do you get when you combine fortitude, skill, and willingness to put your neck out there? An absolute trailblazer of a woman able to achieve anything. Well, her name is Amanda Foster and we’re proud to say she is a member of our .ME family. 

She faces fear in the face daily whilst encouraging others to also bite the bullet and go after their dreams. That makes her an excellent role model for the younger generation as well as for women of color. 

Read on to find out more about this amazing woman!

Who is Amanda Foster

Who is Amanda Foster?

Amanda Foster is a British ex-model, actress, stuntwoman, and motivational speaker. But more than that, she is a courageous, talented, and inspiring human being.

Growing up in Britain, she debuted her talents as a model, where she discovered how comfortable she was in front of the camera. So, she decided to give acting a try and became a theater actress. After that, she gradually flourished into the outstanding career woman we know today.

Amanda showed her amazing talent in the theater and moved on to star in movies.

Since Amanda is the kind of person who wants to always be the best version of herself, she did not stop at being just a theater actress. She showed her amazing talent in the theater and moved on to star in movies. And she accomplished that while raising three kids. 

Achieving The Right Work-Family Balance

Achieving The Right Work-Family Balance

Everyone juggling family and a career know how overwhelming things can get. But things can get especially hard if you’re a single parent. And Amanda was single in the very essence of the word. With no help – financial, physical, or emotional. 

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter what you do or how many children you have. If you want to give your best at work and provide a warm and loving home to your children, it’s gonna be really difficult. But, not impossible! What people like Amanda do is show us that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything. 

Amanda Foster: Britain's First Black Stuntwoman

Amanda Foster: Britain’s First Black Stuntwoman

As a self-proclaimed overachiever, Amanda didn’t want to be yet another actress with a mediocre career. She wanted something more. She dreamt big. And, she succeeded.

While working on the set of the movie Patriot Games with Harrison Ford, she had a light-bulb moment. There were no black stuntwomen in the UK. That simple realization changed the course of her career forever.

While working on the set of the movie Patriot Games with Harrison Ford, Amanda Foster had a light-bulb moment.

Amanda realized she could be the first black stuntwoman. She is physically fit enough and a bit of a daredevil, so that wasn’t a problem. But, of course, she had to prepare and perfect her skills.

Foster had to become qualified in a lot of areas across a number of fields. It took her six years of intense training to acquire all the skills that enabled her to perform stunts such as fights, vehicle chases, crashes, burns, and falls. Finally, in 1997, she joined the elite of the UK stunt register.

Climbing To The Top

Climbing To The Top

It took years of training and she worked with a wide range of toys, from helicopters to horses, rapier, and daggers to desert eagles. But the intense training was obviously worth it because Amanda Foster became a celebrity. 

Her list of films is quite long. She appeared in many movies and TV shows, such as War, The Foreigner, The Vikings, etc. She worked with the best Hollywood directors of our time, such as Martin Scorsese and Ridley Scott. 

She worked with some of the best Hollywood directors of our time, such as Martin Scorsese and Ridley Scott.

Because of her ability to adapt to various roles, she was a stunt double for many famous celebrities. Some of them are Halle Berry, Beyonce, Whoopie Goldberg, Angela Bassett, Vivica Fox, and Naomie Harris. Her performance in Die Another Day as a double for Berry even won her the Taurus World Stunt Award, and that says a lot.

Amanda’s hard work and perseverance paved the way to her success.

Motivating Others To Fulfill Their Dreams

Motivating Others To Fulfill Their Dreams

What makes Amanda Foster even more amazing is that she is willing to share her knowledge and experience with others. She wants to be an inspiration to young people, especially girls. Leading by example, Amanda’s goal is to show that everything is possible once you set your mind to it.

For this reason, she became a motivational speaker. Now, she gives motivational speeches and masterclasses on how to reach for the stars and fulfill your dreams. Anyone can contact her, arrange a class, and soak in the wise words of this truly inspiring woman.

Why Would A Stuntwoman Opt For The .ME Domain

Why Would A Stuntwoman Opt For The .ME Domain?

As everyone knows, the world of show business is a highly competitive one. There are always new people who are trying to make it. In order to get to the top and stay there, you have to be unique. You just have to stand out. Here’s where the .ME domain is so irreplaceable. It gives you the opportunity to think of your own domain name. You can be as creative as you want.

What is also amazing about this domain is that you could make the website showcase your personality. That way, you’re not yet another famous person who tries to have a strong media presence. Instead, you can stay true to yourself. If you do that, people will most certainly appreciate you more.

Parting Words

The thing we admire most about Amanda Foster is her dedication to always give her best and reach her potential. She is not afraid to do something new and push the boundaries. Actually, that is what brought her to the top.

Since Amanda wants to pass her knowledge on and share her experience, it is only natural that she chose the .ME domain. There is no better way to reach a wide audience.

In the end, all we can do is thank Amanda for her inspiring story, and wish her many more years of success.


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