Announcing the 9th Summer School of Programming in Kolašin

Announcing the 9th Summer School of Programming in Kolašin

Well, it’s almost a decade. If our efforts in STEM education had had a body and mind of a  child, it would have been in third grade now. That’s pretty long period of time.  Luckily for us, we can count our progress with dozens of children participating in Summer programming schools so far.

Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics in cooperation with .ME will provide students an opportunity to show their skills, talents and widen the extent of their knowledge by attending the 9th Summer Programming School being held in Kolašin from 10th to 18th of July.

Choosing Kolašin as the host city for fifth time is everything but a coincidence. Thanks to students of Kolašin, leaded by teacher Goran Živković, from High School „Braća Selić“ who have been among the best in the state for six years.

Based on the previous knowledge, 22 students from both elementary and high school will be divided into two groups. First group is composed of elementary school students who have won the best results at Programming school (also organized by Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics and .ME). Second group is an advanced one and participants are picked by the results they made at Knowledge Olympiad and State Championship.

Announcing 9th Summer Programming School In Kolašin

The „beginners“ group (in my opinion for their age, we can call them pros! ☺ ) will be introduced to the world of advanced algorhitms and programming. They will learn how to analyze a problem, in what way to break down a complex problem into simpler components and how to write an optimal programming code for each of those components.

Well, even for biggest lovers of science, a bit of rest and fun is an essential part of every summer school. In academic manner , they will have an active vacation also and enjoy several group outings: hiking tours around Kolasin, visit to the botanical garden, visit to the National Park “Biogradska gora” and a one-day outing to the National Park “Durmitor”. Also, different sports and entertainment activities are planned, such as soccer and basketball games, badminton, karaoke, quiz shows, etc. I already feel deeply depressed by my lack of programming knowlegde. Can I somehow smuggle in , please?

All those years have passed and somehow our students still manage to impress us. This year will be no exception. We wish you lots of fun, great memories and knowledge to bring back home! 🙂



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