Attachments.Me Acquired by Boston-based Yesware for $13 500 000

Attachments.Me Acquired by Boston-based Yesware for $13 500 000

We are proud to announce that one of the many startups that chose the .ME domain, Attachments.Me, has just been sold for  $13.5 million. The whole five-person team from Attachments.Me is joining a Boston-based campany Yesware. We will miss them in the world of .ME, but are overjoyed that they are starting on a new adventure and that our domain was with them for the part of the journey.

Attachments.Me was a service aimed at  making it easier for users to securely share files, send large attachments, track file openings and other things.  It had around  310,000 registered users at the time of the acquisition and the number of those monthly active ranged from 60,000 to 80,0000.  It had also previously raised $2.5 million in funding from Foundry Group, who also backed Yesware. This is how the two companies got together in the first place. They started discussing collaboration some four months ago.

Choosing the Right Buyer for

Attachements.Me actually had more offers on the table, but opted to go wiht Yesware because of their work and product philospophy. Attachments.Me’s co-founder, Jesse Miller, noted:

For the last two and a half years we’ve been helping hundreds of thousands of people improve their email. Yesware’s approach has always resonated with us. Now that we’ve spent more time together, it is incredible to see how much our culture and values align. We couldn’t be more excited to join the Yesware team.

Yesware is a an email productivity company aimed mostly at salespeople. Yesware solution integrates into Gmail and provides email tracking and analytics, customizable sales templates, CRM integration, and some more features that help salespeople communicate with customers more effectively. Some of Yesware investors are Battery Ventures, Google Ventures, Foundry Group, Golden Venture Partners, and IDG Ventures. Attachments.Me is their very first acquisition.

Yesware Founder and CEO, Matthew Bellows, said that they have had their eye on Attachements.Me for quite a while:

We’ve followed the progress of since launch, because, like Yesware, they integrated their service directly into email. They quickly grew by giving over 300,000 users a great experience. When Jesse and the team approached us about joining forces, it was an easy decision. They are an amazing team, and we’re honored to have them join with us.

Creating the Best Solutions

He also believes  that combining their forces with Attachments.Me will result in better productivity for their customers.

The people are awesome, and they’ve proven they can build amazing products in Gmail and mobile. But they also bring a bunch of technology for changing the way Gmail works…if you think about attachments and how salespeople use attachments, you can imagine that [Attachments.Me’s] approach and understanding would be helpful for improving salespeople’s performance.

We wish all the best and loads of  success to both companies and are sure they will go on to create great productivity solutions together. We are very happy that the .ME domain served Attachments.Me well.



Tena Šojer

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