Auctions of .Me premium names (see PDFPremium text and Reserved text file) are organized in collaboration with major domain auctioning platforms.
To get more information about .Me auctions, please visit special educational .Me parking page of a premium domain you are interested in (http://”premiumname”.me) and register for the “Domain Auction Alert”. Once registered, we will automatically contact you with information once a premium domain is scheduled for release.For the top results of the .Me premium names auctions, please refer to the table below.

 Premium domain  Event Registered for  TRAFFIC, New York 70,000 $  DOMAINfest, Santa Monica 32,000 $  SnapNames online auction 26,500 $  NameJet online auction 20,100 $  TRAFFIC New York  20,000 $  SnapNames  18,501 $  TRAFFIC New York  17,500 $  SnapNames  17,200 $  Sedo  15,600 $  NameJet  15,200 $  TRAFFIC New York  15,000 $  SnapNames  14,500 $

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