How To Turn Unemployment Into An Opportunity

The question we are gonna answer today is how to turn unemployment into an opportunity? We already know that unemployment is often associated with negative feelings of fear, unworthiness, and stress. After being unemployed for a while, you feel like you have lost all the purpose and control of your life. However, if you findstuff

How Storytelling Can Help Your Personal Brand-01-01

Storytelling is captivating for a reason. From childhood through adulthood, we are drawn to the lessons we learn, the exciting journeys we embark upon, the knowledge we gain, and the opportunity to unleash our imaginations. Stories celebrate our culture, and stories are a testament to the lives we have led. Stories also make messages passstuff

How to Deal with Internet Trolls for Your Personal Brand

Trolls – they give life to our legends and myths. They are considered strong, with huge noses and sharp teeth and they sometimes possess magic powers. Then, there are the DreamWork’s Trolls (colorful and cute with angelic singing voices) and wise little helpers from movies like Frozen. And, don’t forget about little neon-haired troll dollsstuff

5 Ways to Develop Your Personal Brand by Giving Value-01

Building a personal brand and creating a more valuable ‘you’ can have a positive effect on both your personal and professional life. Think about the ways that companies do this. Highly caffeinated marketing teams sit in rooms, poring over logo design, advertising collaterals, and their next tweet so that they can present their company instuff

5 Strategies to Stand Out in the Global Market

No man is an island, and the same can be said of businesses too. Those that seek success will surely recognize what they need to do to get ahead of the competition. It isn’t enough to corner a local market. You need to stand out in the global market too. International marketing strategies need tostuff

The Rise of the Gig Economy Being a Freelancer vs an Employee

With the exploding gig economy (aka the freelance economy) comes a monumental decision: to freelance or not to freelance. To many, it might sound like a logical lifestyle choice (if not the only way to go) especially if you look at some of the most famous freelancers out there. But before shrugging off salaried employment altogether,stuff

How To Write Case Studies For Your Portfolio

How to write case studies and why are they important? These are the questions we are gonna answer today. The short version is because they give potential clients a window into how you work. A little longer version would include explaining the importance of stories.  The film director Jean Luc Godard is often cited sayingstuff

No Two Clients Are The Same Different Client Approaches

Our topic for today is a different client approach! Anyone who’s ever worked at an agency, as a freelancer, or with people at all, really – knows how difficult it is to manage clients and cater to their individual needs. Clients always come in different shapes and sizes, with unique personalities, priorities, brand strategies, creativestuff

What is UX Copywriting And Why It Concerns You

Hands up if your team uses template lorem ipsum text right through the development phase? If that’s true, don’t worry – you wouldn’t be the first. A lot of designers assume that ‘words’ are marketing’s issue, and that they can add them in at the end of the UX design process. But you should definitelystuff

How To Start A Freelancing Career

With remote work on the rise, more people than ever want to become a freelancer or start freelancing. This begs the next obvious question – how to start a freelancing career? Thankfully, not only is it more popular than ever before, but companies are getting more and more comfortable hiring freelancers. Now, when looking forstuff

How To Get Noticed For Your Work Consider This Approach

We all know that if you want to get noticed for your work, sooner or later you’ll have to market yourself. There’s no way around it. But the real question is how do you market yourself a) effectively and b) without sounding sleazy as hell? Turns out it’s a pretty common problem. Marketing ourselves does notstuff

5 Tools To Help You Develop Your Career

You can make “New Years’ resolutions” whenever you want. It can be halfway through the year, a day after your birthday, or at 4 pm on a random Thursday in July. The truth is, you can make any day the beginning of the year when you decide to dedicate yourself and develop your career. Now,stuff

10 Ways To Connect With Customers

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a bar and hear a person say, “The usual?”. It’s one of life’s simplest pleasures and something that only loyal customers get to experience. Most importantly, it automatically makes you forget all the other gin joints in all the towns in all the world. Thisstuff

How And Why You Should Curate Your Portfolio

To carefully curate a portfolio is to make a collection of your creative ideas shaped into beautiful pieces. And it is a haven for anyone looking for a potential hire. For most people, the word curate conjures up images of a meticulously planned museum exhibit. However, this term is now used in various settings likestuff

essential marketing channels for small businesses

It’s about time we talk about essential marketing channels for small businesses. But before we get into that, let me share with you a quick lesson in marketing you’ll absolutely love.  It all began with Steven Spielberg’s dino-blockbuster. Dr John Hammond, a character in the movie Jurassic Park, is well known for repeatedly saying “Westuff

Alessandro Moro- Neuroscientist Who Plays With The Keyboards

For most people, using random information about the brain as a conversation starter is enough. For example, did you know that alcohol doesn’t make you forget anything? According to the internet, what happens is, when you get blackout drunk, the brain loses the ability to create memories. It’s one of those fun facts you canstuff

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