I’m in the middle of the process of purchasing my first iPhone. It became a longer process than I expected. One day they say they don’t have it stores, the other day say they do. I guess it’s not going to be “one afternoon shopping” as I first thought. My phone case will come before the actual iPhone. I’m notstuff

Don’t settle with average, because things can always be better than they already are. I guess Dean Herbert and Jamie Taylor thought the same. The Puush.ME project was initiated by these two friends who just had enough with currently available solutions for instant file/image sharing. “Puush is intended to remain an actively developed project which adapts to users’stuff

Trust me, this website will give you a whole new approach to your images. Once you get started, it will occupy your time and mind and suddenly the game of exploring will start. As the site says, it’s the smartes color extraction and search. If you want to find out everything about the colors ofstuff

In order to explain what happens at Seedhcak, let’s start by explaining what Seedcamp is. It is a pan-European/London based accelerator that provides startups with seed money, office space, mentorship and support over a yearlong program. This company is running initiatives to support the European startup community such as Seedhack and Seedsummit. In addition to its investment programme,  Seedcamp runsstuff

Face.com is a Tel Aviv-based technology company that developed a platform for efficient and accurate facial recognition in photos uploaded via web and mobile applications. The company was established in 2009. with ten full time employees. Face.com has released and developed two applications for Facebook: Photo Finder and Photo Tagger. Photo Finder allows users to find untagged photosstuff

Last year Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook bought a new domain – fb.com. Company was quiet about the numbers, but the rumor was that it set facebook 8,5 million dollars back. Zuckerberg bought it from American Farm Bureau Federation. This has became one of the most expensive Internet domain names out there. Mark likes keeping things to himself. Whenstuff

Few years ago, creating username for Facebook page was more than popular. Everyone tried to be creative and original when it comes to creating them. I’ve seen all sorts of people coming up funny but also professional ones. Some of them were really original but honestly, some of them were just horrid. These days there is no more fuss about it, sostuff

This is a story about Mr. Geek and his great passion and love for technology. It’s always nice be a part of a story in which young people show how far you can get when you love what you do. Not many stories like this can show or gives us inspiration to lead our dreamsstuff

Did you ever find a great page and said to yourself “I will be back here”? And after a while, you forgot what the page was? Or that you just wanted to save links that you have found interesting? Many times I had such an experience, regretting after that I haven’t “saved” it somehow. Utopic.ME is astuff

It’s hard to find comfortable underwear. At least once we had to deal with that kind of problem. Sometimes things that look comfortable don’t usually feel the same. And there is no shame in admitting that it’s nice to have things that look and feel nice in the same time. For yourself and for your better half,stuff

Waking up every morning, some people already know what their day will look like. Sometimes it’s always the same way, same things to be done, same people to work with. If you want to work „ out of the box„ if you have a feeling you need to grow and are interested in many differentstuff

Just a few more days before the most anticipated holiday in the year – Christmas. We would all like to find nicely packed shiny gifts under our Christmas trees, specially the things we really want, need or something that will show we’ve been good all this year. Sometimes we get gifts that we don’t likestuff

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