With Angel.me, Everyone Can Become an Entrepreneur

We’re all familiar with the undeniable truth about being an entrepreneur: once you’ve developed an idea to put out there, the second hardest thing is finding financial support. The world of entrepreneurship is diverse and exciting. There are a lot of different parties involved and they all hold specific positions. We have entrepreneurs, investors, innovators,stuff

What Is a Perfect Pitch? Learning from Startup Pros

Nobody wants to walk in the shoes of a startupper who is trying to figure out how to frame his business idea for the investors. Truth be told, most of the entrepreneurs rely on themselves, their friends, or family when it comes to funding a business launch. If you take a look at the statisticsstuff

Bevy.me: Connects You To the Global Startup Community

Imagine this: you’ve worked so hard to get your business idea out there. You thought you’ve got everything figured out, it seemed as if you were on the right track, you felt excited about becoming an entrepreneur and then… You failed. Heck, how did that happen? You knew that nine out of ten startups fail,stuff

Remember when you were little and the grown-ups always underlined the importance of playing nicely with your friends and sticking together? Since the beginning of time, man has functioned in a group and he strived towards nurturing reciprocal relationships. It was always about simultaneously supporting others and enjoying the support in return. This is perfectlystuff

11.me Turns Your Startup Into a Scalable Business

Possibly the hardest task for a future entrepreneur is finding a way to turn one idea into a profitable business. Right before stepping onto that quest of trial and error, you’re likely to encounter the following question: how the hell am I supposed to find the starting capital? In addition to grant programs, crowdfundings andstuff

All the Legal Sides of Owning a Startup

When you’re starting something new that also happens to be huge – like your own business, you can easily fall into a trap of making up excuses that legitimize your fear of becoming an entrepreneur. For example – the paperwork. It looks so confusing and complicated. You can barely do your own taxes, how arestuff

Keepy.me: an Awesome Way to Store Your Kids’ Memories

Look mommy, I made a picture of you! – your five-year-old smiles and runs towards you to proudly show his little artwork. You glance over it to see something that looks like a chubby orange dinosaur in a skirt, wearing a pair of glasses. Then you probably live through a few moments of inner questioningstuff

Walk Through the Highlights From the F8 Conference With .ME

F8 conference is undoubtedly the hottest talk of the town right now. And it’s not just for social media enthusiasts nor strictly developers. Noooo, sir. For those who miraculously managed to miss all the online discussions and are wondering what’s all the fuss about – F8 is the mostly-annual conference held by Facebook. You canstuff

does the world need your startup

The hardest thing about getting started is getting started. – Guy Kawasaki Raise your hand if you’re prone to dreaming big! You’ve fantasized how the next world-changing company will be created in your garage; you’ll sell your car to gather the initial capital and your undeniable creativity and vision will carve your name in history.stuff

If you’re a marketer, you’re certainly familiar with the exciting rush that comes with continuous efforts to be ahead of the competition. The constant chase to offer something better and more authentic to users and turn them into loyal customers is basically in the job description. But how do you actually achieve that? There isstuff

Learn Open Source CMS with drupalize.me

The internet is like a magic wonderland filled with endless possibilities: you can find an answer to any question you want within a fraction of a second, watch infinite cat videos, connect with people all over the globe and chat with them in real time, find a job or apply for your dream college, buildstuff

Step by Step Domain Migration Guide

Imagine this: you’ve been working hard to build your website and you’ve got every piece of the puzzle figured out – from various types of content your audience finds valuable, great visual structure and an appealing design, to the solid SEO and the nice amount of traffic you managed to generate. It’s all going prettystuff

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