Let’s imagine this. You’ve taken a kid for a walk.  All of a sudden, they start yelling: “Coca-Cola!” You turn around and there it is- a huge Coca-Cola billboard right behind your back. But, how do children associate a certain brand with their logo, even though they cannot read? The answer is simple – it’sstuff

From mesmerizing hotels, resorts, and breathtaking beaches to the equally stunning landmarks, unique experiences, lively nightlife, and cultural sites – the Middle East truly does have a lot to offer. Over the past decade, this region has evolved into a true hub for tourism and leisure, and there are numerous trends around the globe thatstuff

Involved in the Design World? Get Inspired by Özlem Özkal

When surfing the web, we sometimes get rewarded with unexpected discoveries of projects, articles, organizations or businesses that manage to intrigue us or move us deeply. Great art has the power to do that, as well as fresh and often interdisciplinary positioned perspectives on existing phenomena, well elaborated through words or some other type ofstuff

Being a part of the event industry is a hell of a work. Not only do you have to manage dozens of people and organize all the tiny details, but you also need to bear the weight of responsibility. Especially when it comes to awards judging processes. Whether it’s a writing contest or a tech-hackathon,stuff

Let’s face it: you’re only going to skim through this article. But you’re not to blame. Our lifestyles in the fast-paced world of the 21st century has turned our online reading habits into a time-efficient action. Wondering why? It’s because we seek information, not necessarily some more complex knowledge. Of course, in the latter –stuff

Do you know what people are saying about you when you are not in the room? That’s personal branding, in a nutshell. Because of the constant growth of the virtual world, managing our online identities and taking care of our personal brands has become an imperative. Even if you are (for some reason) not lookingstuff

Service-based Businesses Can Finally Relax With

Service-based businesses are significantly different than product-based businesses, especially in means of the type of growth strategy they rely on and the importance of nurturing exquisite customer support. Companies that provide services have to work on gaining the trust of their clients and they always need to go an extra mile for the sake ofstuff

Today’s kids are more tech-savvy than the most of us. They are considered to be digital natives and no doubt about it – technology has been a major influence on their development. They don’t have a clue about the way the world looked like before internet and smart devices. Having that in mind, their childhoodsstuff - the Perfect App for Vloggers

The way humans communicate and consume information has severely changed throughout the past few centuries. First we had handwritten words and rich oral tradition, then with the invention of Johannes Gutenberg in 1450, everything changed. The world was transformed with printed books and newspapers and it was one of those points in history that irretrievablystuff Where Fashion Meets Technology

Have you ever shopped for clothes online and felt utterly confused about picking the right size for yourself? You find the perfect shirt, choose a color that usually looks good on you, and then when it’s time to choose the size, you click on the one that approximately seems like it would fit you. But,stuff is Utilising Microsoft HoloLens

There are certain innovations that are so transformative and powerful they change the course of history. From mobile phones, computers, and the internet to various smart technologies, internet of things, AR and VR devices. These innovations push our world forward, they create disruption and cause amazement, forcing us to adapt and create new paths forstuff

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