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When it comes to web browsers it all boils down to how they adapt to us and how fast we get used to them. In the world where Internet Explorer is going to be extinct and replaced with Spartan, where Mozilla Firefox went form hipster to mainstream to “what the hell?”, Google Chrome is slowlystuff logo

Managing your personal finances can be stressful. What is going where and how can be a tricky job. Sure, there are paper and electronic bills and documents, but they usually can’t give you a general overview of the bigger picture. If you are a visual type like I am, you would want graphs, charts andstuff

Being in love is a state of mind that fascinates a lot of people, but most of all psychologists. On the other hand, psychology is fascinating to a lot of people, whether they are in love or not. It is easier to see how things work and tick on the outside then the inside, sostuff

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Coding is one of the buzzwords of today. If you have even the weakest connection to the Internet, you will at some point stumble upon it. If you are more into it, you either have a need for a chunk of code for something, or you are playing Dr.Codestein and creating them. Either way, sometimes it isstuff

.ME is about you!

Fresh faces, startups and everything .Me are just a few of our passions. Combine those three elements with the wonder that is Internet and you’ll get a product we will instantly fall in love. OK, maybe not instantly, but give it some time. After all, we are talking about startups and they need some timestuff

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Drones. When it comes to that word, many reactions are negative. There were enough of nefarious news about drones being used in military purposes, but that is not all there is to them. They can be used in totally opposite way for humanitarian purposes. If they can carry weapons, why not some goods to peoplestuff

This apple won't fall on your head!

So, 2015 is here. We already told you what 9 digital resolutions you might want to stick to, but that’s hard to do that if you don’t know how it’s done. To be good at something you need the right skill set, and believe it or not, those things can be learned. Sure, some of us have specialstuff

2015 just ahead!

Eeek! 2015 is so close we can almost taste it! With that, we often come with New Year’s resolutions that we either fail at, forget or successfully achieve. Eat healthier, exercise more, rekindle old friendships, get a job etc. It is easy to think of those, but what resolutions should you make when it comesstuff


Social networking is the easiest way to stay in touch. No matter where are you, if you have internet connection and a profile, you are a click away from your loved ones. However, it is also time when the time is of the essence and saying as much as possible in a small format isstuff

Learn about blogging from pros.

Being online is easy. You have millions of social networks and outlets where you can register for free. If you want, there are even some that can give you something extra if you pay something extra. But almost since the dawn of the Internet, the best representation of our (inner) selves were blogs. There you can notstuff

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