Native advertising

Native advertising is one of the key advertising trends of 2016, with countless media brands presenting their own spin on ‘content that can sell’. Media brands including The New York Times and Vox Media have created various native advertising formats such as video reviews and b2b interviews while others such as BuzzFeed have been builtstuff

Facebook Bots

If you haven’t been offline all week long, you probably noticed that Facebook launched a lot of new products, including the Facebook Messenger Platform. But, with (chat)bots and messenger apps coming in, what’s the significance of this for your internet-based business? After all, businesses new and old can use their unique M.Me URLs to drivestuff


Do you use Messenger? Probably! With more than 900 million monthly active users already and millions of new ones signing up each day, Facebook’s messaging app is on its way to surpassing the popular social network regarding popularity. With today’s launch of M.ME Messenger Links, Facebook’s popular communication tool just became essential in any company’sstuff


The European refuse crisis, which began last year with a rising number of refugees making the journey to the European Union, is unfortunately just part of the total global number of forcibly displaced people that reached almost 60 million at the end of 2014. Access to shelter and food is essential to refugees in thesestuff

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