We usually don’t do short video posts, but Nosh.me’s great 404 error page made us chuckle so we had to include it on the blog. A 404 error “Page not found” appears when a particular page of a website is missing and its layout is normally pretty standard. Daring Fireball’s John Gruber shared the Nosh.mestuff

I love Leo Laporte like I love most hardworking geeks, but unfortunately many of “us” including Leo are downplaying our role in the emergence of a new social network called Google+. While most geeks think they aren’t important for a web service like Google+ to become mainstream, in my opinion the truth is actually verystuff

News.me is an iPad application that gives you a stream of interesting content based on the people and organizations you follow on Twitter, as well as their publishing partners. These include the Associated Press, Fast Company, Forbes, GigaOM, Lifehacker, The Next Web, as well as The New York Times which developed News.me in collaboration withstuff

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