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Today is St. Patrick’s Day – a day I’m sure you identify with Ireland. It’s green. There are shamrocks. It’s Lá Fhéile Pádraig in Celtic! Besides drinking Guinness and wearing green, what can we learn from the Irish when it comes to building both our website and our personal brands? A lot, it seems! Use Yourstuff


Valentine’s is just around the corner, and you’re living in the UK, but still don’t know what to get for that special someone? No worries, mate, just download SwiftGift.Me, the world’s first instant gift messenger with over 14,000 gifts available from top brands! SwiftGift.Me lets you send real gifts to… phone numbers – a perfectstuff

Website down

Remember when we published a guide on what to do when your blog goes down? Because we’ve had some hiccups with our very own website (happens to the best of us, it seems), we followed our own advice and did it by the book! The ‘Don’t panic and stay calm when you’re website is down’ book,stuff


We’re already finishing up January 2016, and you might still not have gotten the hang of the three key productivity methods you should try in the new year – or what personal website trends are key in the new year. That’s fine. Let’s start with just one… simple.. step. Because you’re a proactive person, astuff

Personal branding

It’s 2016, and we’ve been writing about personal branding for the last couple of years. Trends have come and gone, but you (and hopefully your growing personal brand) are still here. While most experts struggle to decide what trend is going to be BIG this year, we’ve decided to be more practical. Here are fourstuff

2016 promises to be an exciting year for the next generation of tech startups looking to become the next Google, Facebook or Tesla Motors. IoT, programmatic advertising, financial technology platforms such as PayPal.Me and next generation video are just some of the trends we’ll see being used by entrepreneurs in the new year. What entrepreneursstuff

Calendar zen

Welcome to 2016., the year in which you’ll have more meetings than ever before. In order not to spend all year running from meeting to meeting instead of doing important work, it’s time to put ALL your meetings on autopilot. How? Let’s first discover… why! Is Your Day Full of Meetings? Yes, it is. Sostuff


What gift did the .Me community receive under its Christmas tree? An investment for one of its members, the leading Chinese food delivery platform Ele.Me that we wrote recently about. Alibaba Group, which operates the “Amazon of China”, is to invest $1.25 billion in Ele.Me! Next time you’re in China and want to order food –stuff

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