Bringing our gadgets with us on a vacation means we are bringing all our private data too. Learn how to protect both your gadgets and data from being stolen.

It’s vacation season, and we are all hype about different destinations. Once the packing time arrives, there are big chances that our packing list will include our favorite gadgets: laptop/tablet, smartphone and digital camera. Why would you need them on vacation? Well, hopefully, you won’t be checking your business e-mails, but just keeping up withstuff

The goal of Facebook 'real name' policy was to strengthen online safety of its users, however, it received a lot a backlash.

Facebook ‘real name’ policy has been sparking controversy for some time now, and recent events show the issue to be far from settled. Seemingly, Facebook introduced this policy in order to strengthen online safety, by ensuring that people on this social network use their real names. The logic behind this is that less anonymity means lessstuff

Shedding light on why and how teens use social networking sites.

If you have teens at home, you probably worry about their social media ‘activities’: with whom they become friends with and communicate, what they post, whether they disclose personal data online etc. Whereas insulation from social media sites is not an option, education about online safety is in the spotlight. Start with yourselves: if you understandstuff

COPPA Act explained.

As if the list of parental responsibilities was not already long enough, digital world added one more: taking care of online kids’ safety. On the road to fulfill this quest, parents will be faced with many potholes and crossroads. They will need reliable information to help them make smart decisions. One of the things they have tostuff

Google has worked on a number of apps for kids, YouTube Kids being one of them.

Rapid technological expansion brought about the expansion of parental duties and responsibilities: nowadays it is inevitable that you have to care about what your kid does on computers, smart phones and other devices. At the same time, you have to be careful that these devices don’t become “forbidden fruits” for your little ones, meaning youstuff

Our mobile phones carry more confidential information than ever before, we have to learn how to keep that data secure.

Once upon a time, we used to charge our mobile phones once a week.Then our precious devices connected to Internet and made our everyday lives simpler by reducing the time needed for completing daily activities. What if we compare the amount of personal data stored in our mobile phones then and now? Back then, itstuff

The moment you start moving in the offline world, you start being followed by your shadow. The same goes for the online world.

The moment you start moving in the offline world, you start being followed by your shadow. The same goes for the online world. But compared to your offline shadow, how much do you know about your online/digital/data one? Do you know how to control it and trace it? Digital shadow is a result of ourstuff

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