Do you remember last year’s winner of WebUp competition which was sponsored by Domain.Me? Croatian startup Mediatoolkit secured the trip to this year’s TechCrunch Distrupt which was held in New York for an exclusive opportunity to present their project at the Startup Alley. Developed by Croatia’s digital agency iStudio, Mediatoolkit is a tool designed to monitor popular content on social networks, mainly Facebook and Twitter. The whole project gained astuff

One of my least favourite things when looking for a job is writing my resume (CV). I don’t mind the actual search through the ads. I am fine with writing motivation letters, especially when I am, you know, actually motivated. 😀 But I hate, hate, hate writing my curriculum vitae. It would not be badstuff

We already wrote about Moment.ME and today we have some news. The application is now available on Android (download it from Google Play Store)! Of course, it is still available on iTunes App Store if you’re on iOS and for some reason have not tried it out yet. (We can’t imagine why.) What Moment.ME does? Moment.ME isstuff

We love startups! There is something incredibly exciting about the whole startup community. The ideas flowing around, the optimism, the good will of everyone included… It makes us feel good. It makes us happy. It makes us decide to partner up with awesome organizations and events that support startups. That’s exactly why we partnered with Startup Live Zagreb!stuff

I do not know where you live, but here where I am it’s cold. Monday was crazy, it snowed most of the day and we measured more snow in one day than ever before. By ever, I mean it literally: EVER. Since the beginning of measuring snowfall, we measured most snow on ground in one day. It seemedstuff

Blogomanija.ME is a regional conference about, of course, blogging. It was held this weekend in Serbia, in hotel Falkensteiner Stara Planina, far away from civilization, but with excellent internet connection and Wi-Fi coverage. 😉 The participants of the conference all agree that blogging is a great way to promote yourself and most of our participants have had goodstuff

Do you remember Facebook Gifts? They were around cca. 5 years ago. You had the option of giving someone a picture for their Wall. We were generously given a couple of free gifts, which were promptly added to our birthday wishes for the first several friends who had their birthday after the option was introduced. Then we were supposed to gostuff

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