Single-page vs Multi-page website

Ladies and gents, welcome to the battle! In today’s match, we’ve got two mighty players: single page vs multi-page website. If you’re unsure which one will claim victory, well, bring your popcorn! Sit cosily, relax and allow us to introduce today’s competitors. On one side of the battle ring, we have a single-page website. Fromstuff

how to choose the best website template for you

I’ll spare you the details of how I finally decided to create a portfolio website. That’s not why you are here. All I’ll say is – it was worth it. So worth it! But, anyhow, onto how I chose the best website template for my website.  Now, it is usually easy for me to decidestuff

create website in a day best website builders to choose from

Close your eyes. Imagine your beautifully built, functional website that captures the essence of you or your business. With a simple search, your audience will have an entirely new window into what you can do. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But before you go on listing all the excuses pertaining to the difficulty of building astuff

How to turn a hobby into a successful business

Let’s imagine a world where we all earned our living from jobs we enjoyed doing. Sounds like utopia, right? Well, for some of us, this is a real-life scenario. The successful business we established had been set up on the foundations of a dear hobby. Time spent on activities we’re passionate about fills us withstuff

Tips and tricks on business sustainability

Finding the optimal business model is an uneasy task. Although there are many directions our company strategy can take, there is one thing we all have to agree upon: the business must endure. Thinking smart and implementing business sustainability practices can aid your company in three focal points: environmental, social, and financial.  The world hasstuff

Why your company needs a brand audit

No company can afford to lose sight of its brand. Just as regular medical appointments are essential for our sake and well-being, our companies need check-ups as well! The good news for your business is: you can determine its diagnosis, find weak points and discover the cure. But, only when you know where to look.stuff

marketing trend you need to follow in 2021

When it comes to markets, one thing is unmistakably clear: consumers’ behavior has changed! With information being just a Google search away, our audiences are becoming more conscious of the world surrounding them. In the era of information overflow, consumers can easily compare businesses and not only by the products and services they offer. Thestuff

changing jobs might be easier than you think

The pandemic certainly didn’t hit all of us fairly. While some businesses need governments to throw life jackets and save them from drowning, others are just flourishing! Changing jobs has become more daunting than ever before. But if 2020 has taught us anything, then it is the power of digitalization. Even in times like these. stuff

what can you do after your domain name expires

Here’s how my nightmare started. I’ve missed it! The one mental alarm I thought would go off (not to mention those countless domain renewal emails I ignored). So what now? Is my website unavailable? How will my clients see my work? Oh sh*@!t, they’ll think I’m not legit. Now before you point your fingers atstuff

what you need to know before your register your first domain name

Let’s imagine you made a decision: you want to build a website. There’s just a slight problem ahead: where to start? We know the online world might seem a bit overwhelming, so today we will try to bring you closer to everything you need to know about website creation. To make this journey as helpfulstuff

how to work productively from home

The initial joy that remote work brings can evaporate shortly if we fail to manage our time wisely. The cosiness of our homes is a double-edged sword. After five months of our new realities, it is time to boost our motivation levels again and work productively from home. Do we need more discipline for workstuff

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