With NC.ME 200,000 students got free a .ME domain!

The .ME team is highly passionate about education at all levels from primary school to university to trade school to life long independent learning. In fact, for the last ten years, we have been investing heavily in promoting STEM education and related job opportunities by organising coding schools, sponsoring a competition in robotics, working one-on-onestuff

Personal Internet Security for Anyone – My Identity was stolen twice: How to handle identity theft

Controlling your online identity is important but it’s also a lot of work. Between managing your social media, personal websites, business identity and all of your online finances, it can be exhausting; and sometimes, things slip through the cracks. Occasionally, a slip leads to having your identity stolen. I know, because it happened to me…twice.stuff

Answering Why: A Personal Website on Your Own Domain

Internet users are like snowflakes, no two are alike nor do they behave the same online. Because there is no one else on the Internet like you, it doesn’t make sense to rely on the same services and platforms that everyone else does to show the world who you are. If you’ve ever Googled yourselfstuff

Be deliberate when building the online brand of your child.

Deep in our 30s, the thing my friends and I talk about the most at parties is any variation on: “Thank God we didn’t have social media when we were teenagers”. When I was young the worst possible consequence for doing something embarrassing (aside from police intervention) was that everyone at school would find out.stuff

What Happens at NamesCon ... Belongs on the Internet!

.ME loves domain names, so we headed to Las Vegas, Nevada to NamesCon, the largest domain name conference, to speak on a panel of ccTLD experts about where we think the market is headed. NamesCon is the largest gathering of the domain name industry combining registrars, registries, policy, domainers and service providers.  Held January 11stuff

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