With WordCamp 2013 behind us, we have decided to make the ultimate guide for WordPress beginners, specifically on how to write a blog post using this platform. It is considered that WordPress is powering around 18% of all websites (that’s 1 in every 6 website). Numbers get even bigger – that’s more than 71 million websites allstuff

Gift cards are just awesome. They represent a perfect gift of gratitude and good thing about them is they are often not limited time wise. However, sometimes they can go unused for one reason or another. This actually makes a lot of problems for retailers as gift cards can create black holes in books andstuff

After the lunch break, conference room full of young entrepreneurs welcomed Balkans’s most renowned startup names such as Vukasin Stojkov (Startit), Maxim Gurvits (Eleven) and Ivo Spigel (Zip). Together, they elaborated more on what is the driving force behind, now a very successful and vibrant startup ecosystem that didn’t even exist three years ago. Maxim, once an entrepreneur with a company in Netherlandsstuff

It seems that these days almost everybody is working with photos one way or another. Whether you are a graphic designer working on portfolio or a blogger trying to enrich it’s post with vivid photographs, basic photo editing is something everybody should know how to do. Simple things like cropping, fixing color, red eye issues or insertingstuff

If you are like me, chances are you’ve been using Internet for quite some time. During that period, you probably created profiles on various services and social networks. Since Facebook and Twitter emerged as the two leading social networks, you probably don’t use other ones such as Friendster or MySpace. However, you might still havestuff

Everybody has a story. Whether it’s a story about your first bike ride, your new job, or even your first baby – all these stories represent a big part of our lives. And let’s face it, we all love stories. Old, new, real and fiction ones, they are something we enjoy since the time being.stuff

Just recently, I came back from my summer vacation (yeah, bloggers get tired too :)) where I spent a week camping with my friends on a small beach in Montenegro. I’ve never camped before and the experience is something I will remember for as long as I live. My friends and I are far fromstuff

Last week, Domain.Me was visiting RockPaperStartups conference – largest summer startup conference in this part of the Europe which was being held in Rijeka, Croatia from 17th untill 19th July as a part of Republika Fest. Over 250 attendees showed up and the event was nothing short of amazing. Names like Daniel Burka, Alex Hunter,stuff

Just.Me, a popular app that let’s you send text, photos, voice and video launched an Android app which is available from the Google Play today! The mobile first global social messaging app is building on the strong success of its iOS launch by offering its Android version 1.0 in 32 languages. Also announced were enhancements to its iOS and HTML5 versions. Android users: What tostuff

It’s that time of the year – school is out, you’re friends are going home to visit their families, and others are making their vacation plans if they haven’t made them so far. Pace of everyday life has slowed down and everybody is looking for a fun thing they can do over the summer. If you have friendsstuff

Everything is online these days and reasons for creating your website are endless. Whether you’re looking for a perfect family domain name which you can use for emails or thinking about starting a blog, personalized domain names are a must at this moment. Considering that all the good ones are probably taken, especially if you’re thinking about .com, you’restuff

Let’s face it, iOS is still one of the most dominant mobile ecosystems out there. Many people prefer it over Android and other operating systems because it’s very easy to use. So easy that even my grandmother has an iPhone these days. Although Android has surpassed it in many ways, iOS to this day it has the strongest app ecosystem whichstuff

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