If you are working in ICT, chances are you or your company are always looking for new people to hire, especially those with wide array of both practical and theoretical skills. Many companies tend to have a special “jobs” section on their website, as well as run constant campaigns through different hiring platforms. All of thisstuff

Web service/gallery Instagrid.Me has shut down a while ago due to new Instagram’s web profiles that were introduced last year. Popular service which initially gave it’s users ability to browse Instagram’s pictures straight from their desktop computers is said to be working on something new, although we still haven’t had the chance to get a glimpse of what the company is developing. We could all agree that Instagram’s web profiles are a bitstuff

Estonian startup Fits.Me, which has taken on the task to virtualize fitting rooms of major retailers, just closed it’s Series A round of funding by raising € 5.5 million ($ 7.2 million). Although SmartCap has previously invested in this startup, it is now joined by Conor Venture Partners, Fostergate Holdings Ltd and  The Entrepreneurs Fund. Throughout the past four years since Fits.Me was first launched, it gathered instuff

In the recent years, domain names have became one of the hottest things on the Internet. By now most of the good ones are already taken, however there are still some good ones out there. Constant battle for the attractive domain names has resulted in new TLDs over the years. As more and more websites emergestuff

Let’s face it. Every new iPhone rumor generates a lot of buzz. Specialized blogs and websites keep a close eye on every move that Apple makes and they always strive to be one step ahead. With the help of Chinese bloggers who have connections with Apple’s suppliers, we are often able to get a good look atstuff

Over the last decade, Internet has played a vital role when it comes to implementing new forms of doing business. With cloud computing, VoIP and other services, we are now able to communicate and solve different problems right from our computer. What used to be our desk filled with papers and office material is now just a simple laptop.stuff

Southeastern Europe has a new e-commerce conference which everybody is talking about. Called OMGcommerce.Me (shorten for Oh-My-God what an awesome web commerce conference) this event is taking place in Croatia’s capitol, Zagreb from March the 21st through 22nd. With more than twenty speakers coming from different industries and different countries, this conference will focus on how commerce onstuff

Remember Instagrid.Me? Before Instagram officially announced its own web profiles last year, this service was very popular among the hard-core Instagram users. It gave them an opportunity to view and share their photos right from the desktop browsers, as prior the that, the use of the world’s most popular photo sharing service was only restricted to mobile devices. However, when Instagramstuff

Let’s face it. Staying in touch with your social feed today is harder than it ever was. Over the past decade numerous social networks like Facebook and Twitter have been created, and it goes without saying that today they are shaping our lives, whether we like it or not. Facebook, with it’s one billion users, isstuff

Just like domains, SSL certificates have to be renewed from time to time. However, many website owners forget about this detail which often results in downtime. And nobody likes downtime, especially not if you’re using a web based service for work or you need it at any given moment. When Kansas City-based software service provider Stackify, experienced problemsstuff

Attachments.Me, a popular service which helps you save your Gmail attachments to Google Drive, Dropbox and Box account, introduced a couple of new features on their official blog. Called Attachments Everywhere, the features now allow users of this service to share, manage and track their attachments and files which are stored in the cloud. Users are now able to addstuff

I love photography. Just thinking about going outside with my camera to snap some photos sends shivers down my spine. My dad introduced me to photography. Ever since I was little I’ve been fascinated with the the ability to capture the perfect moment, to tell an emotional story through the viewfinder and lens. Since the technology gotstuff

If you are a designer or a developer, chances are you have worked on an iOS app. It’s the most creator-friendly platform which changed the way we communicate since it was first introduced in 2007. From that point on, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been created, and the industry worth billions of dollars hasn’t even reached its peak yet. Most ofstuff

So, it’s finally here. Facebook is celebrating it’s ninth birthday today! That’s right, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his dorm room on February 4th back in 2004, and what a ride has it been since then. During the past nine years the biggest social network effectively changed the way we communicate hence giving the word ‘friendship’ a whole different meaning. Althoughstuff

Popular cloud storage service Dropbox, announced yesterday that it’s slowly rolling out two new features to its users which will further ‘socialize’ this service. Dropbox hopes that this move will propel them towards dominating cloud storage market as new services such as Kim Dotcom’s Mega or box.com impose different set of features which users find useful. Andstuff

If you are a guy you know just how tough it can be if your girl is going through a period. Often we do not pay attention until it’s too late and we end up arguing over something totally unimportant. Set aside all those movies where we laugh at a guy who forgets to pickstuff

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