Hey, you! Did you just get your first child? Or maybe you have three boys- a 6, 11, and 14-yo, or 2 girls, with the list of extra activities long as the Nile? I think I can guess why you are here then. I always remember my mother saying: “My day could last 36 hoursstuff

personal website

These days everyone has a website: Nicki Minaj, Obama, lady selling jackets at the corner, the society of “we wear socks on our arms”… I mean: everyone. In the later years, a lot of services have emerged that help not just the stars, but all of us to easily create and deploy personal websites, sostuff


Being a digital nomad mostly means you are earning a living while working online, spending, at least, a few months of the year abroad and changing your location frequently. And, as much as it gives you a lot of freedom, it also requires that you protect your working devices properly and make sure you reallystuff

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