The great thing about iPhone and iPad games is that there is practically an endless number of them available – paid or free, great looking ones or poorly designed. The not so great thing is that those games have all the same characters – imagination of someone else’s mind. Remember when Super Mario rescued hisstuff

If you’re in financial industry, you must have heard of CFA certificates. Charted Financial Analyst Program is offered by the CFA Institute to investment and financial professionals. Once you complete the program, you’ll be awarded a CFA charter and become the CFA charterholder, which proves that you’re a professional and establishes your authority and competences. Itstuff

It’s always nice to reminiscent about things that happened in the past, particularly the good ones. But in order to remember them, you should write them down – it’s a much better thing to do than to just remember it. However, today, in the 21st century, most of our life is happening virtually on socialstuff

If you loved The Office (US version) and Dwight’s bobble-head figurine, you’ll love Foldable.Me. The service just launched and you should try it out! What’s it all about? Well, with Foldable.Me you’ll be able to create a cardboard version of yourself or your friends. It’s actually pretty fun – via the web interface you will createstuff

Facebook is preparing to launch Gifts, a service which will allow you to send real-life gifts to your friends. The system is pretty simple – you choose a gift, pay for it (can be done later, when the recipient confirms that he or she actually wants to get a gift) and Facebook will notify yourstuff

Yay, the new iOS 6 is here, as well as the new iPhone! The iPhone itself is pretty much open for discussion. Personally, I’m not a big fan of it and I think that upgrading from 3G to 3GS (the same goes for 4 to 4S) was a much bigger step than upgrading from 4Sstuff

Have you heard that acquired Flavors.Me? It is a logical move for actually, because now it will be able to give you, their user, more options for branding yourself by connecting your real-life business cards with the one created on your Flavors.Me online profile. The amount of the acquisition has not been disclosed. However, as Thestuff

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