Why Your Startup Should Have an Exit Strategy

Note: For the infographic head straight to the end of the post! You know what the goal is? That you don’t become like the guy above running close to tears when the temperature gets too high. Even though it may sound negative, an exit strategy is a necessity of every startup. As Investopedia defines it, an exit strategystuff

How to Stay Focused in a World of Distractions

Writing this post has proved to be quite a challenge. Not because I don’t know what I want to say or how, but because of the very thing that prompted me to start writing it. You see, in the last few minutes I received two emails, two Facebook notifications, one LinkedIn profile view notification, anstuff

[INFOGRAPHIC] WordPress Layout and Styling Tips

Note: For infographic head straight to the end of the post! Now, this may sound harsh, but it’s certainly true – if we don’t like your website, we are not going to stay there long. You see, we are very spoiled beings; most of the things we need are at the tip of our fingers, with lots ofstuff

WordPress is recognised as the CMS made for building search engine friendly websites.

While Google’s search algorithm updates have been known to throw website owners into a frenzy (Panda anyone?), the road to sustainable SEO remains the same and it has nothing to do with fitting as much keywords as possible onto your website. The key to sustainable SEO is and was creating high-quality content that is relevantstuff

Attendees of 7th Summer Programming School, held in Kolasin.

Continuing with the tradition of investing in STEM education, .ME is organizing the 7th Summer Programing School in cooperation with Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics. Twenty primary and high school students interested in programing will have the opportunity to stretch their limits and expand their knowledge by attending the Summer School of Programing, whichstuff

Increase your startup's chances of success by paying attention to these four factors.

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between success and failure? What is that secret ingredient that makes that 1 in 4 startups really succeed? After all, more than 100 millions startups are created each year and competition is more than tough. We have already talked about the most frequent reasons of startup failure.stuff

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