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In a connected age, developing and maintaining a strong professional network has become one of the key prerequisites for professional success. Unfortunately, over time, the expression “network” and the idea of making connections in order to advance in life and business began to carry negative connotations. Some people consider networking to be one-sided and basedstuff

Montenegrin Kendo Federation representatives

In case you have not heard about it before, Kendo, or “the way of the sword” is ancient Japanese martial art similar to European fencing. It is considered that kendo developed from kenjutsu when samurai started using bamboo swords (shinai) and body armour (bogu) during their practice instead of katana. Like all oriental martial artsstuff

Dave Taylor, single dad of three shares his hands-on expertise about parenting and children’s online safety.

Dave Taylor is a man of many skills. He is a published author of over 20 books, computer industry pioneer, accomplished academic, award-winning public speaker, entrepreneur and all-around a great guy – but the Dave we want to present today is: Dave Taylor, a single dad of three, who writes about parenting on his Gostuff

The story of WordPress is the story of a solution that in only 12 years became the most beloved CMS in the world.

The story of WordPress is the story of an open-source content management system that in only 12 years became the most beloved CMS in the world. WordPress started as a blogging system but quickly turned into a full content management system with thousands of plugins and widgets and themes that help its users create anythingstuff

Spark.Me crowd 2014

Developing a strong professional network has become one of the key prerequisites for professional success. For successful networking you need people, and there is no better way for meeting successful, like-minded people than attending high-quality conferences. One such conference is Spark.Me – one of the biggest tech/business conferences in the Balkans. We are especially proudstuff

Montenegrin high-school and elementary school students participated in Knowledge Olympiad 2015

When I was a high-school student I was chosen to represent my class in a school competition. I still remember the enormous pride I felt. That is probably how every one of young people who competed in Knowledge Olympiad 2015 felt, added the fact that they are competing in a nation wide competition – astuff

How are you going to spend your ME day?

Have you already planned how you are going to celebrate your #MEday? Have you made sure to schedule those precious hours in your daily planner? If you haven’t found the time for it yet, or you are not sure what your ME day should look like, this is what ME day supporters have to say about what ME day means forstuff

.ME at SXSW – Join us and Celebrate ME Day!

With more than 70 000 participants, South by Southwest has become one of the biggest and most visited global events. We are exited to announce that .ME will be at SXSW for fourth year in a row – to partner with as official SXSW sponsors! SXSW is a set of festivals and conferences thatstuff

Is digital detox what we really need? How about healthier habits?

Last week we concluded that it’s indeed very hard to imagine our day without our smartphones. And no wonder, right? My phone is my encyclopaedia, Kindle, mp3, camera, TV and a way to stay in touch with my family and friends merged into one little device I carry everywhere with me. It’s very hard to give up on thestuff

.ME will be at Dad 2.0 Summit and #WeAllGrow - let's connect

Blogging industry is changing rapidly. In fact, in less than 10 years blogging has gone from being a hobby to becoming a powerful tool of advancing one’s career, and finally transforming into a full-blown career. If you want to keep track of how the industry changes and what obstacles and opportunities bloggers face, blogging conferences arestuff

Evaluate your options and learn when to say no loudly and firmly!

NOTE: If you prefer visual content, see the SlideShare presentation at the end of the post! As we prove ourselves to be hard-working and competent person, we get more and more responsibilities and opportunities. The same thing happens with companies getting more and more demand for their services. The problems arise when, at some pointstuff

There are many reasons why you should start blogging. Read all about them here.

Note: For infographic head straight to the end of the post! Since 1997 when John Barger first coined the term “blog” by calling his site a “weblog”, blogging has gone from being the newest form of self-expression to a whole new industry. The practice of using your blog as an online journal for sharing thoughts, interest andstuff

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