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You are writing and rewriting your tweet for the hundredth time, frustrated with the fact that everything you want to say just won’t fit in 140-characters limit. You might be seriously considering sacrificing basic literacy just to be able to fit in the link! Not to mention that the idea of mentioning your friend wasstuff

Are you having problems with achieving work-life balance?

Even the greatest desire and effort is not powerful enough to make us be able to clone ourselves so we can attend that game-changing meeting and our best friend’s baby shower at the same time. Recent technological advances in the field of telecommunications and IT did not help our cause. Those constant beeps from ourstuff

Dare to be different. Use .ME to build your personal brand.

These past two months have been all about personal branding for .ME team. We were on a mission to educate college students and recent graduates about the importance of personal branding for their academic and professional future. Our online identities have become a proof of our existence and credibility, for brands and individuals alike. Juststuff

Stories help unite idea and emotion. Tell a story to make an impact.

My father is a very active person. He has unlimited amounts of energy – never sitting still, always smiling and tinkering with one thing or another and finding new ways to provide for his family. Can you imagine then the shock he felt when a car accident left him with left shoulder looking like cabbage,stuff

Domain .ME panelists at BeBlogalicious Conference.

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to take part in the Blogalicious conference – only the greatest multicultural blogging conference ever. We love Blogalicious because its goal is to grow a tight-knit community that celebrates diversity in the blogosphere and creates opportunities for their members.  Their theme this year was #BeGreat – allstuff

Personal Branding Advice given by recruiters. Recruiters give advice on how to write a great resume.

There are many blog posts and news articles out there providing you with tips, tricks and tutorials on how to make your resume stand out and get you to that next step in hiring process – the interview. I even wrote one myself. But the sheer amount of, often conflicting, advice given on the topicstuff

Express Yourself. Build your personal brand with .Me.

Personal branding is not a one-time thing and it does not consist of creating a perfect resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile and leaving it at that. Every journey has to start somewhere and before departing, we must know what our starting point is. We must know who we are today so we can startstuff

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