Million registered domains - How .ME became one of the most famous export products of Montenegro

This is the story of how .ME celebrated million registered domains. Or better yet, this is the story of how .ME domain name became one of the most recognised export goods from Montenegro.  But before we get into ins and outs of our path to a million registered domains, we’d like to take this opportunitystuff

keeping the internet directory safe from the tear

The internet directory, in principle, consists of two parts: a system for domain registration and a system for translating domain names into IP addresses (DNS). DNS servers translate human needs into meaningful computer activities. The operation of medical equipment, e-commerce, social networks, applications that we use every day wouldn’t be possible without it. Do youstuff

get to know the internet's directory what is dns

Instead of beginning this story with I had to tell my mother to google ‘What is DNS’ into the search bar, let me start this way. Ever wondered how the world of the internet, computers and smartphones works in general? Specifically, what needs to happen so we can see the website come alive before ourstuff

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