What movie are we going to watch? It’s a question that may have triggered a breakup/divorce/feud among friends or two. It’s also one of the leading causes of eternal scrolling through movie review sites and hours long two-line conversations building on the general motif of “What’d ya wanna watch – Dunno” . Two developers decidedstuff

Peer to Peer it the new MOOC.

Education is getting more expensive than ever, tuitions are soaring, and as they turn from students to alumni, recent graduates find them selves with long line of student loan payments ahead of them. That’s about the time to start looking for a starter job, and catch up on missing all the real-world skills that arestuff

Ticke mobile app

A few years ago, my city had an SMS ticketing service for the local public transport. It wasn’t a smooth solution, or a smart one, but it was a hundred times better than roaming around your pockets for the change for the bus fare or fussing around with the paper bus ticket that I losestuff

Cur.Me uses TENS pain therapy.

Tech. Hardware. Wearables. Health. I’m just naming a few hot trends here – the trends incorporated in one startup that’s recently launched a crowdfunding campaign. Cur.Me, which sort of evokes a call to action “cure me”, does exactly that – it relieves your pain at least. This gadget uses TENS therapy, often used in medicalstuff

frnkly.me system allows you to ask questions

There’s a lot of talk about how the social networks are enabling two way communication between public personas and celebrities and the public – the fans, supporters, voters, you name it. We can tweet our favorite actors, DM our government, follow and interact with some of the world’s best scientists on Facebook. I’m pretty fond of this era where there are little boundaries – social and geographical – at lest when it comes to the online world.stuff

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