You are rarely anonymous on the internet

When you think about privacy, whether it is your own or the privacy of other people, you’re probably still under the influence of a much less digital era. You may be thinking of distorted images intended to keep the privacy of people appearing on TV, spy pseudonyms (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy!), and maybe you’ve evenstuff

Make a portrait of your choice

You know how in the olden days, before cameras and back when people had time to pose for hours for a painter, walls used to be decorated with painted portraits of ancestry and household members? In the ultimate hipster move,  a company called 18th.Me is trying to recreate that, and save you the time. Forgetstuff

angel investors help fund projects

Remember when we talked about crowdfunding as a means of supporting your startup? Well, there are (roughly) two types of crowdfunding – reward based and equity crowdfunding. You’re already familiar with the first one – that’s the kind you do on Indiegogo or Kickstarter. This means that in exchange for their support, your funders get somestuff

In Bed With Me cover photo

There’s a cheeky little site in the .Me multiverse that holds secrets of many beds and late night pillow talks. And even though it’s called In Bed With Me, it’s not about who you lay with, it’s where you do it, and it’s all the sexier for that. Captured through the eye and the camerastuff is crowdfunding.

Browsing through Kickstarter projects, we’ve stumbled upon a .Me startup that’s trying its luck crowdfunding. It’s called, it’s set on organizing your social media posts and favorites a little better so your followers can get to them quicker, and it could use a little push from the community – you. is basically a cloudstuff

See the show!

Silicon Valley, American television sitcom focusing on the lives of six young people launching a startup (in the Silicon Valley, of course), just premiered it’s season two, and we found an awesome little gem for the show’s fans. To fill you in, the show follows a fictional startup Pied Piper, “A Middle-Out Compression Solution Making Datastuff

I love the idea of keeping a journal: Penning down the big things going on in your life, breaking them down and gaining a new perspective. Noting the little things, so they don’t slip your mind. Doodling hearts and rainbows on the margins, because you’ve just had that kind of day that makes you drawstuff

Call your mom

Technology is bringing us closer. Technology is tearing us apart. We’re just a text away. We never talk to each other face to face anymore. Smartphones allow you to keep better track of your kids. Smartphones make you overbearing and controling when it comes to your kids. To say that opinions vary would be astuff

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