Why join an accelerator?

It takes guts to start your own company, and making that first step into the world of entrepreneurship is definitely a challenge, but making your business float and even grow is a bigger challenge still. However, you needn’t be alone in that – the new wave of startupers and entrepreneurs has a wide variety ofstuff

Life is to short to shop offline, web shop lovers will say, while others will frown at the prospect of buying a product they did not see, touch or try out. This just goes to show how slow we are at changing our little ways and habits. Even though a pretty big chunk of populationstuff

Since 2013 the .Me team has been organizing Spark.Me, an annual international conference aimed to inspire you,  ignite your imagination, and help you find your spark. They do this by handpicking the speakers, altogether an amazing bunch –  Alf Rehn, David Armano, Scott Berkun, Tony Conrad, Dr. Eli Opper and other awesome people held the keynotes on the Spark.Me stage.stuff

How to raise money for a startup

The crowdfunding industry is a complex thing, mixing business and human psychology, playing on people’s emotions, fancies and the tendency to contribute to something, as well as offering them opportunity to either feel good about themselves, get a gadget with an early bird price tag or invest a small amount in turn for equally smallstuff

You’re starting a startup but wondering where to actually start? Lets take that question quite literally and find the best places to launch a startup. Let’s start with the premise that you’re young, full of life and ideas, a citizen of the world. And you’d do everything to get your business started, so packing yourstuff

No more mail.

Last year the .Me team got to host Scott Berkun at the Spark.Me conference, where he gave a pretty awesome speech about the future of work, questioning if there is really a good reason we perpetuate old work conventions, like 9 to 5 jobs, dress codes, strict hierarchy, endless meetings… even email? He pointed outstuff

Writing helps you cope

I started writing when I was four years old and I never stopped. There are many carefully stored floppy discs with my first stories, or at least attempts at writing a story, “digital” diary entries I wrote on my dad’s old Mac Classic, school essays dealing with thrilling subjects like “How I spent my Summer”.stuff

The doMEn team, who’s behind the domain.me experience, has been sparking the imagination and entrepreneurial spirit through its annual conference Spark.Me. This interactive event brings inspiration, business and the startup community together at the beautiful Montenegrin coast, and spices it all up with some of the best speakers available. This year, everything is taking placestuff

u:Plug is redesigning the power outlet

U:Plug, a Croatian-Macedonian startup that dared us to imagine a world where we don’t need a whole bunch of cables and plugs and adapters to charge our pet electronics, just got a whole lot closer to making that happen. But let’s not get carried away in the cordless dreamland, we’ll have to wait a bitstuff

Entrepreneurship in the age of startups, when all happens fast, is all about doing, trying things out for your self, practice, not theory. Seize the opportunity, carpe diem, jump on the bandwagon, act now – I can go on and on with the cliches. And that’s all fine and dandy, I’m personally glad there’s morestuff

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