Social networks are all the rage among kids today. Also, adults. Also, business professionals. Also, brands. Also, companies. Also… need I continue? Social networks are all the rage and there are tons of them, most of which you’ll have to join at some point in your life or career. Managing all these social presences isstuff

Bunkr gets an upgrade!

Our blogger Hrvoje tested out a really great presentation making platform a while ago that went under the name of Bunkr.Me. It is a simple way to replace presentation tools, bookmarks and collaborative management for hundreds of business with one product, he wrote, a cloud service that threatens Powerpoint and Keynote. The really cool thingstuff

Organizing a Secret Santa in your company

Winter seems to be the time of many gift giving holidays. Whether your tradition celebrates Christmas (the Orthodox one is just around the corner!), Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or Western or Chinese New Year, now is a good time to share a little joy, especially one packed in festive paper with a little bow on top. Thestuff

Where is Santa? Is he bringing you a present?

He’s big, he’s round, he’s bearded, he’s red clad, he’s sort of mythical and he’s faster than the speed of light.  He gets around the world in a single night, eats hundreds of thousands of cookies and drinks gallons of milk and passes final judgment on who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. How dostuff

Scan.ME got acquired by Snapchat!

Snapchat, the little startup that had gone viral and turned down Facebook’s 3 billion dollar offer has just made a few acquisitions of its own, and among them is a company that goes by the name of Scan.Me. Apparently Snapchat acquired this QR scanning startup that makes good use of iBeacon technology for  $14 millionstuff

Your digital Will! Explore After.Me

In the age when we leave so many digital footprints that we’re having hard time keeping track of our own steps, you have to ask – what happens when our time is up and we can no longer type or click? I’m talking about dying of course, because what else would get you to disconnect?stuff

Internet, the place where we can be both completely exposed and anonymous at the same time. Our potential employers can Google us in a minute, our dates can stalk us over social media and the whole world can find out more about your life then you’d ever tell your own grandma. On the other hand,stuff

Croatian city of Rijeka is playing host today to the rock’n’roll startup conference RockPaperStartups, and .Me’s own Nataša Đukanović took the stage today to talk about – emotions. Okay, so we skipped a few steps. Let’s get back to the beginning. What Nataša talked about was branding, and that is inseparable from emotions. In astuff

Under the motto “ideas worth spreading”, TED conferences are the place where knowledge, science, technology and humanity get together to make our lives and ourselves a bit better, one short talk at a time. We’re bringing you a selection of some of the talks that influenced us most and that can help you become the persona youstuff

We talk a lot about slacktivism these days – being very charitable and active when it comes to liking and sharing content related with different causes on Facebook, and completely failing to lift a finger offline. „Likes won’t feed the poor“ we tend to say, but apparently – they just might. A Hong Kong basedstuff

Bulgarian investment fond and accelerator Eleven, which takes up a clever little domain has been making rounds through the CEE region on its Start Trek tour, looking for awesome startups and sharing some of their expertise. Zagreb was the today’s stop on the itinerary, where Lucie Montel from Rainmaking Loft Berlin took the stagestuff

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