We talk a lot about WordPress – mostly about how we love using it as a platform – but we should give due to all the amazing third party developers that make it even easier to customize and cater to needs and desires of almost 40 Million WordPress users who need great plugins and themes.stuff

Lady Pitch Night – a pan-European competition where women startup founders get to show just how awesome they are – took place last week . This year, 178 startups from 22 different countries applied for and we are immensely proud that two of the 5 selected finalists were .me startups we’ve featured on our blog. The Lady Pitchstuff

Being a tech journalist, I attend quite a lot of startup conferences and pitching competitions- those are good places to check out the latest trends, see some interesting ideas and spot company or two to put on my mental „To-Watch“ list. I’ve lost count of the pitches I’ve seen or heard, but I’ve also leftstuff

The digital age has blurred the lines between personal and professional. Some of the most intimate details of our lives are available online, for all the world to see, and completely searchable next to our spotless professional LinkedIn profiles. Our social networks, feeds and walls are not only filled with news and messages from ourstuff

I’ve never been very good at photography- most of my takes have just about enough creativity in them to become boring generic postcards, and my framing skills are just off enough to keep me from starting my own boring generic postcard business. But the fact that I am completely and utterly mediocre at one ofstuff

Creatives like to think that „content is the king“, but the truth is, the king usually needs a little push. For a good piece or a campaign to go viral, it doesn’t only need to be awesome, but also accepted by the audience and the influencers inthe target audience. It’s all about creating a buzz,stuff

Pitching isn’t an exact science; there is no perfect formula that will work under all circumstances, whenever tired and tested. Think of it more like cooking-everyone’s got their own approach and twist on the dish, but there are some basic ingredients you need, and those you really don’t want in the mix. So here’s thestuff

What does recruiting look like in the age of mobile apps?

If you are a newly minted startup, you’re probably still handling your own PR, possibly even doing it for the first time and making some rookie mistakes. Don’t worry, it gets easier with practice, and chances that you’ve actually had a lot of it- public relations are not that different from personal realtions, after all. So unless you’vestuff

u:plug is developing a next generation plug

Technology has made our lives easier in so many ways, it has made us more mobile, more connected, more liberated in so many ways. Also, it has entangled us in a terrible mess of cables that keeps it charged and alive. Since Tesla’s great plan of wireless electricity never went mainstream, we still have tostuff

There is an app for just about anything, so there should be an app for making apps, a masterpiece of appception. Frédérick Tubiermont and Alexandru Petrisor set out to make this meta-application about a year and a half ago, and as they dabbled with web technologies like html5 inside a mobile browser, they developed astuff

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