We are proud to announce that one of the many startups that chose the .ME domain, Attachments.Me, has just been sold for $13.5 million. The whole five-person team from Attachments.Me is joining a Boston-based campany Yesware. We will miss them in the world of .ME, but are overjoyed that they are starting on a new adventure and that our domain was with them for the part of the journey.stuff

The Internet is a wonderful resource, a place to explore, learn, create and find inspiration, full of activities you really want your child to engage in. On the other hand, it is perfectly natural to feel a bit weary- there are a lot of things you do not want your youngsters to see at an early age. Luckily, there is a way to make Internet use safe for your child. All it takes is a little bit of your time and some preparation.stuff

The Spark.me conference has passed, a new one is in the making, and in the meanwhile, we asked .ME’s own  Nataša Đukanović to tell us a bit more about the conference from her unique point of view. She told us what went on behind the scenes and what Spark.me would be like if it were astuff

Saturday, a day for weddings- I bet there are thousands taking place today, on this wonderful sunny Fall afternoon. This is going to be a perfect day for those lucky couples walking down the isle, but organizing that one perfect day can be a stressful affair. You have to book a venue, caterers, a band or a DJ, there are flowers to arrange invitations to be sent, cakes to be tasted, bridesmaids’ dresses to be chosen. Well, we can help with the last part and introduce you to an on-line service that makes choosing bridesmaids’ dresses so much easier. Brides-to-be, meet Brideside.ME, an online bridal resource which lets you shop for bridesmaids dresses, create and share inspiration boards and catch up on the latest wedding trends.stuff

We already told you something about Leaf.me, a service that allows businesses and their consumers to get more out of their everyday transactions. This Cambridge based startup now has some exciting news-it raised a $20 million strategic investment from Heartland Payment Systems, a publicly traded payments processing company with $2 billion annual revenue.stuff

Fall is the season when confrences really kick off- you might be hitting the road a lot and lugging your phone, laptop, tablet and a whole set of chargers through various hotels and venues. This sort of events can be really fun, informative, and productive, but they also have a tendency of getting a bit chaotic. Maša Djikanović, an avid conference goers, has a few tips for you:stuff

Its no secret that kids often prefer spending their time in front of the computer, playing games instead of studying. There is nothing wrong with games- but it may seem hard to intrest them in other things when they have a fun, exciting, flashy alternative. Here are five scientific games your kids will enjoy, and maybe develop an interest for science along the way! stuff

Our world is turning increasingly digital and our lives are permeated with various technologies. Even if your child never aspires to be like Jobs or Zuckerman and takes a whole different path in life, programming is going to come in handy and will teach them important life skills like problem-solving, creativity, planning and communication. With these great apps you can teach your child to code and have great fun along the way.stuff

The music market is global, it is huge and it is saturated. There are great musicians and artists on the radio, in bars, on the streets and playing in garages, waiting to be discovered or simply to be heard. Nowadays, you have mere seconds to make an impression. But don’t give up hope just yet,stuff

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