Become a registrar

Become a registrar and take advantages of .ME :

  • Get domains at the base cost directly from the .ME Registry
  • Run the .ME Registry’s promotional and co-marketing programs and earn a discount of up to 60%
  • Get access to .ME marketing kit with cool banners, videos and the most recent updates
  • Join .ME social media community and BE PROMOTED!

Any company which fulfills Application Process requirements can become an accredited .Me Registrar. This can be completed in three easy steps:

Step 1 — Apply

Apply by sending the following documents :
* Submit an original, completed and signed .Me Registrar Data Form
* Submit 2 original .Me Registry-Registrar Agreements, duly signed by your organization is authorized person(s).
* Submit a completed .Me Registrar Financial Information Form.
* Submit a copy of your registrar’s insurance policy. (Please see section 2.13 of the Registry Registrar Agreement for more information)
* Submit a copy of your organization is formation document (e.g. Certificate of Incorporation).

Please mail all documents to:

.Me Registry
c/o Afilias USA Inc.
Registrar Accreditation Department
Building 3, Suite 105
300 Welsh Road
Horsham, PA
19044 USA

Note: Please do not staple or bind the paperwork when sending.

The .Me Registry will then consider your application and let you know when you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2 — Technical Process: OT&E Certification

Your registrar will be issued OT&E accounts. You may use these to test the functioning of your EPP client.

If you already connect to the .INFO registry operated by Afilias, an OT&E test is optional and will not be required. If you have not taken an .INFO or .Me OT&E test before, a test is mandatory before you will be allowed to connect to the .Me production registry.

The technical information on registrar toolkit and RTK add-ons to help your client to successfully connect via EPP can be found at the link below:

The OT&E acceptance criteria, to help you successfully pass the technical certification process, is provided in the following pdf document:

ME OT&E Criteria v1.4.pdf

Acceptable Client Certificate CA Names can be found in the Registrar Area (

Registrar Area >> Registrar Documents >> Acceptable Client Certificate

A dedicated .Me OT&E testing environment has been made available for the registrars.

Step 3 — Go live

Once all the requirements have been met, your registrar will be issued a production account.

Registrar data form
Registry-Registrar Agreement
Financial Information Form

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