It Is Time You Future Proof Your Career

The impact of the Industry 4.0 has become more prominent in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. And while the Fourth Industrial Revolution, otherwise known as the marriage of physical and digital industries promises to upend how we work – from executive to intern level, what does that mean for a portion of our currentstuff

Million registered domains - How .ME became one of the most famous export products of Montenegro

This is the story of how .ME celebrated million registered domains. Or better yet, this is the story of how .ME domain name became one of the most recognised export goods from Montenegro.  But before we get into ins and outs of our path to a million registered domains, we’d like to take this opportunitystuff

Jeff Broderick Freelance Product Designer You Need To Know

Design doesn’t have to be complicated to be breathtaking. In fact, it shouldn’t be complicated. And, creating an eye-catching design is not as hard as some people may think. At least that’s what Jeff Broderick wants you to know. You guessed it, we have another designer for you. Or, your mom’s favorite freelance product designer,stuff


This article is a part of . MEr’s personal experiences and knowledge sharing. We find it crucial to share our community members’ voices and personal stories. So our readers can learn something new, get inspired, and create unforgettable digital experiences. This month, Mariel Alvarado, a graphic designer, shares her story on graphic design and socialstuff

Meet Adrian Zumbrunnen A Visionary Interface Designer

We encourage you to google Adrian Zumbrunnen. And not because he’s a visionary interface designer, although he is, but because of his approach to the craft. Design is an incredibly creative and broad field. It encompasses everything from basic visuals and typography to the overall user experience. So, where’s Adrian Zumbrunnen on the design spectrum?stuff

essential marketing channels for small businesses

It’s about time we talk about essential marketing channels for small businesses. But before we get into that, let me share with you a quick lesson in marketing you’ll absolutely love.  It all began with Steven Spielberg’s dino-blockbuster. Dr John Hammond, a character in the movie Jurassic Park, is well known for repeatedly saying “Westuff

Alessandro Moro- Neuroscientist Who Plays With The Keyboards

For most people, using random information about the brain as a conversation starter is enough. For example, did you know that alcohol doesn’t make you forget anything? According to the internet, what happens is, when you get blackout drunk, the brain loses the ability to create memories. It’s one of those fun facts you canstuff

8 wordpress plugins you need for your website

Let’s start with this: Did you know that the world’s most popular system for managing content is WordPress? In fact, it is so popular that a new piece of content is published every 17 seconds via this CMS. And while we can drop names of the big organisations and companies that use WordPress CMS forstuff

Fitbod Customized AI-Powered Fitness Plan App

Health and fitness industries have been skyrocketing in recent years, and the pandemic doesn’t seem to be slowing them down. If anything, at-home fitness programs, wearables, and apps are more popular than ever. With all that in mind, is it any wonder that comprehensive services like are just crushing it? Helping people be fitterstuff

How to best present projects on the website

On the web, like anywhere else, the first impression you make is crucial. Taking care of our personal brand and using it to your advantage is crucial if we want to make a lasting impact on our potential clients or customers. The same holds true for our websites, which are otherwise known as online 24/7stuff

Brian Fung A Dedicated Tech Reporter With Exceptional Flair

In a time where everything is tech-related, reporting accurately and informatively about technology, media, and policy is more important than ever. Knowledgeable and dedicated reporters are few and far in between, especially those who specialize in current affairs and technology. Enter Brian Fung, currently working for CNN this DC-based tech reporter has shown excellent instinctsstuff

double diamond methodology and design process

This article is a part of .MEr’s personal experiences and knowledge sharing. We find it crucial to share our community members’ voices and personal stories. So our readers can learn something new, get inspired, and create unforgettable digital experiences. This month, Igor Ayroldes shares his design process using Double Diamond methodology. What we sometimes wouldn’tstuff

keeping the internet directory safe from the tear

The internet directory, in principle, consists of two parts: a system for domain registration and a system for translating domain names into IP addresses (DNS). DNS servers translate human needs into meaningful computer activities. The operation of medical equipment, e-commerce, social networks, applications that we use every day wouldn’t be possible without it. Do youstuff

Miranda Levy a writer and an event planner

Have you ever thought about the qualities a person should possess in order to become a good writer? It goes without saying that creativity, curiosity, and eloquence are among the most desirable traits if somebody wants to earn their keep as a content creator. And what about an event planner? You need to be astuff

Different types of websites you can build

Thirty years after the very first website got published, the Internet is an endless universe of web addresses. While the exact number of websites keeps changing every second, there are well over 1 billion sites on the world wide web. Sure, this might seem overwhelming at first. But, whether you are a marketing guru, astuff

Phi Nguyen data scientist personal website

To all of you who are not into science, and kinda think that science is boring – wait up! Phi Nguyen is about to change your mind. If asked ‘What is data science?’, a few people will know the answer off the top of their heads. This is surprising since we’re constantly bombarded with phrasesstuff

Single-page vs Multi-page website

Ladies and gents, welcome to the battle! In today’s match, we’ve got two mighty players: single page vs multi-page website. If you’re unsure which one will claim victory, well, bring your popcorn! Sit cosily, relax and allow us to introduce today’s competitors. On one side of the battle ring, we have a single-page website. Fromstuff

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