How to Present Yourself to Prospective Clients

Learning how to present yourself to prospective clients is a very important skill that will help you professionally. Sometimes, in meetings with potential clients, what happens is you miss out on important things, you say some things you maybe shouldn’t, and you end up being dissatisfied. But don’t worry, I have some tips that willstuff

5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your ‘About Me’ Page

Today we’re gonna talk about 5 mistakes you should avoid on your ‘About Me’ page. Why? Cause About pages are hard. You have one page to summarize who you are, what you do, and how you’re different in a clear, concise, and confident way. No big deal! Just tell the whole world why you matterstuff

Growth is good. Growth means that a business has increased its revenue, as well as its other aspects (such as employees, office space, etc). The problem? It takes resources to sustain constant growth. Growth is only achieved when more resources are spent. The solution? It’s scaling, which allows for growth without necessarily investing additional resources.stuff

.ME has truly come a long way from the country code domain for Montenegro to the universally accepted synonym for personal online presence. Shortly after the public launch in July 2008, over 100,000 domains were registered in the first 48 hours and the .ME extension became the favorite domain for building brands committed to establishingstuff


I know last year was a tough one, especially for your small business. The continued pandemic has largely moved the business world entirely online, and pivots have been necessary to navigate unprecedented circumstances. Likely, your business started and ended the year with very different sets of goals, challenges, and experiences. So, as you look forwardstuff

How Storytelling Can Help Your Personal Brand-01-01

Storytelling is captivating for a reason. From childhood through adulthood, we are drawn to the lessons we learn, the exciting journeys we embark upon, the knowledge we gain, and the opportunity to unleash our imaginations. Stories celebrate our culture, and stories are a testament to the lives we have led. Stories also make messages passstuff

How to Deal with Internet Trolls for Your Personal Brand

Trolls – they give life to our legends and myths. They are considered strong, with huge noses and sharp teeth and they sometimes possess magic powers. Then, there are the DreamWork’s Trolls (colorful and cute with angelic singing voices) and wise little helpers from movies like Frozen. And, don’t forget about little neon-haired troll dollsstuff

September’s come, which means that the Self-Improvement Month is here! The online community dedicated this month to self-improvement tips for improving our skills, being our best selves, and just enhancing our careers. We at .ME are fortunate to have dozens of success stories which we can learn from. People whose lucrative careers are great examplesstuff

10 Lessons For Successful Freelancing

Finding your way around the digitalized world can get confusing. More and more people are becoming freelancers and the freelancing industry is rapidly changing. It’s an understatement to say that keeping up with it all is a daunting task. Lucky for us, the members of the .ME family learned some key lessons in their journey.stuff

How To Get Noticed For Your Work Consider This Approach

We all know that if you want to get noticed for your work, sooner or later you’ll have to market yourself. There’s no way around it. But the real question is how do you market yourself a) effectively and b) without sounding sleazy as hell? Turns out it’s a pretty common problem. Marketing ourselves does notstuff

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