How to Build Your Personal Brand As A Student

Every student, regardless of their major and future plans in life, must work on creating a personal brand during their time in college. It is the single most important thing you can do to help separate yourself from the competition when you begin your career.  Think about it. If you present yourself in the samestuff

5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your ‘About Me’ Page

Today we’re gonna talk about 5 mistakes you should avoid on your ‘About Me’ page. Why? Cause About pages are hard. You have one page to summarize who you are, what you do, and how you’re different in a clear, concise, and confident way. No big deal! Just tell the whole world why you matterstuff

Growth is good. Growth means that a business has increased its revenue, as well as its other aspects (such as employees, office space, etc). The problem? It takes resources to sustain constant growth. Growth is only achieved when more resources are spent. The solution? It’s scaling, which allows for growth without necessarily investing additional resources.stuff

5 Low-Budget Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Startups

Which eCommerce marketing strategies are worth the time and investment? And which ones are actually low-budget? Small businesses and startups often have a tight marketing budget to work with, which can make promoting your business a challenge.  An effective marketing strategy is one that is cost-effective. It supports your financial goals at every stage ofstuff


When it comes to crafting a winning pitch deck for your startup, here’s the problem. There’s a disconnect between what founders think they should include in their pitch decks and what investors actually want to see. Founders are naturally enthusiastic about their startups. As a result, they’re tempted to pack their pitch deck with tonsstuff

01 How To Get Your First 100 Customers As A Startup

How to get your first 100 customers as a startup company? It’s a good question, but let’s make things clear. There is no magical recipe that would bring you a bunch of customers overnight. In this guide, you’ll learn about different ways to get your first 100 customers that can apply to any industry. Bystuff

Biggest Start-up Challenges (And How To Overcome Them)-01

Do all startups evolve into successful businesses? No. Of course not.  In fact, most of them may fail to survive the first year.  As inspiring and alluring as the idea of a startup may be, startup challenges are plenty. At every decision point, the mettle of your business idea is tested. Talk to any successfulstuff

.ME has truly come a long way from the country code domain for Montenegro to the universally accepted synonym for personal online presence. Shortly after the public launch in July 2008, over 100,000 domains were registered in the first 48 hours and the .ME extension became the favorite domain for building brands committed to establishingstuff

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