Under the motto “ideas worth spreading”, TED conferences are the place where knowledge, science, technology and humanity get together to make our lives and ourselves a bit better, one short talk at a time. We’re bringing you a selection of some of the talks that influenced us most and that can help you become the persona youstuff

Express Yourself. Build your personal brand with .Me.

Personal branding is not a one-time thing and it does not consist of creating a perfect resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile and leaving it at that. Every journey has to start somewhere and before departing, we must know what our starting point is. We must know who we are today so we can startstuff

Why? For two reasons: Reason no 1: When you first think about a blog, you think about a person and their hobby. You think about “a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual”. What many people and many companies fail to see is that bloggers are actually small business owners. They are astuff

Being a community manager can be frustrating, time consuming and very, very last minute. It can feel like sitting on a ticking Hydra time bomb. Once you get rid of one chore, two more pop out. So if you want to venture into that career, you will need nerves of steel and organisation of astuff

Bulgarian investment fond and accelerator Eleven, which takes up a clever little domain 11.me has been making rounds through the CEE region on its Start Trek tour, looking for awesome startups and sharing some of their expertise. Zagreb was the today’s stop on the itinerary, where Lucie Montel from Rainmaking Loft Berlin took the stagestuff

The digital age has blurred the lines between personal and professional. Some of the most intimate details of our lives are available online, for all the world to see, and completely searchable next to our spotless professional LinkedIn profiles. Our social networks, feeds and walls are not only filled with news and messages from ourstuff

In today’s economy, finishing college without a prearranged job prospect can be quite intimidating and unsettling. For many graduates, the first step in job hunting is updating their resume – as it should be. But nowadays, job seekers must also make sure that their digital footprint is perfectly aligned with their job seeking efforts andstuff

There is something we call the X factor. No, not the competition series with Simon Cowell, but that intangible and undefinable thing that makes certain people pop out of the crowd. Once those people walk into the room, they grab all theattention. But how to do that in the virtual environment online? Well, the good newsstuff

Analysis. Marketing. Two words that will make some people shiver. But deny it as much as you want, marketing and analysis are two very important parts of any business, and everybody is working. Well, except few of the workless heirs and heiresses, but if you are one of them, there are big chances that youstuff

If you are a non-coding blogger there is always one thing that will be a problem: the design of your blog. Sure, there are templates for those ofus who don’t speak that (programming) language, but we are still creative individuals who want a unique design that nobody else has. And even those who do know how to code sometimesstuff

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