Our world is turning increasingly digital and our lives are permeated with various technologies. Even if your child never aspires to be like Jobs or Zuckerman and takes a whole different path in life, programming is going to come in handy and will teach them important life skills like problem-solving, creativity, planning and communication. With these great apps you can teach your child to code and have great fun along the way.stuff

After you’ve learned a lot about steampunk and you look steampunk-ish, now it is time to change world around you to look more steampunk. Gadgets, knick-knacks, design in general, make your world a modern day equivalent of first industrial revolution. Arts and Crafts movement, dash of Art Noveau, a bit of goth, handful of punkstuff

It seems like the time for raising children has never been so delicate. The times have definitely changed and things that were normal for our childhood, might not be normal now. And, of course, there is also Internet. There are no boundaries and almost every child has a direct approach to technology and Internet. That’sstuff

After a lot of talk to watch this, read that or look at this steampunk themed stuff, this time we’re going to show you how in everyday life, or special occasions, you can very convincingly look like you dropped out of some steampunk fairy tale. Or horror movie. Whatever your preferences are. Hey, if Pradastuff

Up so far, we have talked about steampunk books, steampunk games & steampunk movies and television. Today, we’re going to talk about one slippery slope that is a bit harder to put in certain mold. Music. Hell, so far, the only steampunk sound that you’ve probably heard or imagined was steam exhaustion, or gear grinding. To describe musicstuff

More than anything else, kids are always attracted to visual things. Sounds, colors and animations are something that captures their attention – they can be devoted to these things hours on end. There is a problem however – spending too much time in front of the TV or computer can seriously harm kids, and this is why it’s importantstuff

Being a parent is probably the most challenging and wonderful experience in the world. Child’s mind is a place of endless imagination, curiosity and hunger when it comes to discovering new things. It can even push your limits, thus waking up the child inside you and changing your life forever. However, you can never be too prepared for parenthood. Therestuff

Since the last installment was about books, this time, for so called ”MTV generation”, we’ll present some visual products of the steampunk genre. Thanks to the advance of software and visual effects, it is much easier and cheaper to produce steampunk settings on a bigger scale today than it was before. We’ll present you some ofstuff

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