It’s that time of the year – school is out, you’re friends are going home to visit their families, and others are making their vacation plans if they haven’t made them so far. Pace of everyday life has slowed down and everybody is looking for a fun thing they can do over the summer. If you have friendsstuff

We at Domain .Me love kids and writing about them! Recently we had a very interesting discussion and decided to explore more about baby domains/websites and see what people think about it. Choosing a baby ‘s name became like an adventure today. It seems everyone is trying to give a more unique, special and differentstuff

In the middle of all things creative is media: created by writing, recording, painting and so on. Steampunk requires quite an elaborate set up and huge chunk of its creator’s time, so fruits of its media are very rich. Lets start with one media that is still strong today in general, powered by imagination andstuff

steampunk summer

”Steampunk is a way of living.” That is the usual answer you’ll get form the true steampunk enthusiast. Most of the time they are right. When you engage yourself with anything steampunk, you’ll probably fall down the rabbit hole and get more than you bargained for. Well, at least that is what happened to me.stuff

In the recent years, domain names have became one of the hottest things on the Internet. By now most of the good ones are already taken, however there are still some good ones out there. Constant battle for the attractive domain names has resulted in new TLDs over the years. As more and more websites emergestuff

So, it’s finally here. Facebook is celebrating it’s ninth birthday today! That’s right, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his dorm room on February 4th back in 2004, and what a ride has it been since then. During the past nine years the biggest social network effectively changed the way we communicate hence giving the word ‘friendship’ a whole different meaning. Althoughstuff

First of all, merry Christmas from the .Me domain and editorial teams who wish you lots of bandwidth and even more awesome (.me ;)) domains that you got under your Christmas tree. Snow is falling and your sites aren’t, so that’s fantastic! Since you don’t want to be reading long posts on Christmas and thestuff

Much anticipated regional conference about blogging – Blogomanija.ME took place over the weekend in the Falkensteiner hotel Stara Planina in Serbia. Despite problems with snow, it gathered more than 400 participants and over 50 lecturers who discussed subjects such as influence of blogs on community and whether or not blogs can be monetized. One of thestuff

Facebook is preparing to launch Gifts, a service which will allow you to send real-life gifts to your friends. The system is pretty simple – you choose a gift, pay for it (can be done later, when the recipient confirms that he or she actually wants to get a gift) and Facebook will notify yourstuff

Google released Google Drive, a brand new service with which it plans to overtake cloud hosting and file sharing services like Dropbox, SugarSync and even Microsofts SkyDrive. You can get your Google Drive by visiting this link or opening your Google Docs account. As you may have noticed, Google Docs are no more. Google shutstuff

I spent the day at a conference where, in a panel about social media, the moderator mentioned Pinterest. Pinterest recently celebrated two years of existence and it hit 10 million unique monthly U.S. users faster than any site, ever (source). The moderator was wondering as to why it became so popular. So, I started thinking… why is itstuff

Do you remember the old Facebook layout? Neither do we; Facebook Timeline is enabled on almost every user profile and every Facebook fan page. Yet, users are still complaining about it (as they have with any other Facebook redesign) and refuse to accept it. However, the Timeline is here to stay and the sooner you accept itstuff

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