5 Ways to Develop Your Personal Brand by Giving Value-01

Building a personal brand and creating a more valuable ‘you’ can have a positive effect on both your personal and professional life. Think about the ways that companies do this. Highly caffeinated marketing teams sit in rooms, poring over logo design, advertising collaterals, and their next tweet so that they can present their company instuff

5 Strategies to Stand Out in the Global Market

No man is an island, and the same can be said of businesses too. Those that seek success will surely recognize what they need to do to get ahead of the competition. It isn’t enough to corner a local market. You need to stand out in the global market too. International marketing strategies need tostuff

How To Get Noticed For Your Work Consider This Approach

We all know that if you want to get noticed for your work, sooner or later you’ll have to market yourself. There’s no way around it. But the real question is how do you market yourself a) effectively and b) without sounding sleazy as hell? Turns out it’s a pretty common problem. Marketing ourselves does notstuff

5 Tools To Help You Develop Your Career

You can make “New Years’ resolutions” whenever you want. It can be halfway through the year, a day after your birthday, or at 4 pm on a random Thursday in July. The truth is, you can make any day the beginning of the year when you decide to dedicate yourself and develop your career. Now,stuff

It Is Time You Future Proof Your Career

The impact of the Industry 4.0 has become more prominent in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. And while the Fourth Industrial Revolution, otherwise known as the marriage of physical and digital industries promises to upend how we work – from executive to intern level, what does that mean for a portion of our currentstuff

how to choose the best website template for you

I’ll spare you the details of how I finally decided to create a portfolio website. That’s not why you are here. All I’ll say is – it was worth it. So worth it! But, anyhow, onto how I chose the best website template for my website.  Now, it is usually easy for me to decidestuff

create website in a day best website builders to choose from

Close your eyes. Imagine your beautifully built, functional website that captures the essence of you or your business. With a simple search, your audience will have an entirely new window into what you can do. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But before you go on listing all the excuses pertaining to the difficulty of building astuff

reinvent the way you learn about design Luka Zaric lukapsd.me

This article is a part of . MEr’s personal experiences and knowledge sharing. We find it crucial to share our community members’ voices and personal stories. So our readers can learn something new, get inspired, and create unforgettable digital experiences. This month, Luka Zaric, a graphic designer, shares his story about learning about design. Insteadstuff

How to turn a hobby into a successful business

Let’s imagine a world where we all earned our living from jobs we enjoyed doing. Sounds like utopia, right? Well, for some of us, this is a real-life scenario. The successful business we established had been set up on the foundations of a dear hobby. Time spent on activities we’re passionate about fills us withstuff

How COVID-19 pandemic changed the customer profile

One year later, and it seems that “unprecedented times” are here to stay. COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of our lives. It’s not only the way we work, socialize, learn, spend the leisure time that has changed. Also, the way we shop will never be quite the same. Since our society changed sostuff

How to use social media to your advantage as a business

The power of social media is undeniable, and we are the witnesses of it each day. But at times, regardless of whether you are a social media newbie or a well-known veteran, the right course of action is not always clear. With frequent algorithm updates, new features, and marketing trends, social networks are ever-changing media.stuff

Tips and tricks on business sustainability

Finding the optimal business model is an uneasy task. Although there are many directions our company strategy can take, there is one thing we all have to agree upon: the business must endure. Thinking smart and implementing business sustainability practices can aid your company in three focal points: environmental, social, and financial.  The world hasstuff

Why your company needs a brand audit

No company can afford to lose sight of its brand. Just as regular medical appointments are essential for our sake and well-being, our companies need check-ups as well! The good news for your business is: you can determine its diagnosis, find weak points and discover the cure. But, only when you know where to look.stuff

6 content curation tolls you need to try

Have you ever noticed that when discussing content marketing – people always seem to talk about content production and rarely mention content curation? Well, it’s important to know that both practices are valuable and deserve their place within your strategy. Content curation implies discovering, evaluating, gathering and presenting digital content that revolves around a specificstuff

.ME dribbble playoff

Calling for all .MErs who are designers! We challenge you to express yourself with .ME! As you might know, here at .ME we pride ourselves to be the most personal domain name out there! We strongly believe in the power of an online home address and the marvels personal brand can do for you andstuff

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