Estimated reading time: around 9 minutes   Have you ever been told you have a great eye for photography? Well, you could turn it into a real business, whether as a side hustle or a full-time job. However, starting a photography business requires a fair amount of planning and dedication if you want to dostuff

Unveiling the Case Against Personal Branding

Almost a year ago, BBC published an article called “The case against personal branding”, featuring quotes from Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. I remember reading it, but I didn’t give too much thought about it. A few weeks ago, while doing a research on personal branding, I stumbled upon some other articles describing the wholestuff

Are You Aware of Your Digital Footprint?

Here’s a scary fact: every single day, even when you’re not directly interacting with someone, you contribute to the ever-evolving public presentation of yourself. Remember when you posted that semi-drunk photo from a wild night out, just because your face looked hilarious and simply had to be shared with the world? It speaks on yourstuff

6 Marketing Skills Every Freelancer Should Know

I have a friend who is a freelance designer. When he decided it’s about time to start earning money from his couch, he thought he already had everything needed to kick off a successful career as a freelancer. Since I really wanted him to succeed, I had to be that annoying voice saying: “Wait astuff

Speakers, partners, bloggers… creating a conference like means, among other things, booking a lot of flights. One of those flights holds a very special place in our hearts – the one that brought our dear Sanja Gardasevic back to Montenegro from London, where she’s working on her master thesis. wouldn’t be what itstuff 2018

In just one day, we’re officially turning the mode ON! 🙂 Beautiful Montenegrin coast, tons of sunlight, and two days filled with great stories from the world’s top experts from different industries. Not to mention an additional day of hands-on marketing and startup workshops on May 25, which are completely free to everyone withstuff

We’re steadily approaching another #SparkMe conference and it’s gonna be legendary! 🙂 As always, our conference is going to bring stories from the front lines of disruptive technological solutions, innovative business models, engaging branding strategies, and world-changing initiatives. Prepare yourself for Spark.ME – the best and most wonderful time of the year; the time westuff

In The Pursuit of the Dream Job: LinkedIn vs Personal Website

If you are looking for a job or new business connections, you probably know that you need a “modern” resume called LinkedIn. Although it’s a great tool for making connections, have you considered any other ways of standing out from the competitiors?  If you’re thinking: “Why would I need anything else besides a great LinkedInstuff

me day

There is no such thing as achieving a perfect work/life balance. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find any time for yourself – you can, if you want to. March 16th is #MEday, a day when you should focus on the most important person in your life – YOU! We know how precious your free timestuff

Why choosing a good domain name is important for your business?

In Ancient Rome, people believed names have a predictive power, which was captured in the Latin proverb nomen est omen. The idea survived through centuries and formed into what we today call nominative determinism. Even the great psychologist Carl Jung discussed it on the example of his friend and fellow scientist, Sigmund Freud, whose surnamestuff


Let’s imagine this. You’ve taken a kid for a walk.  All of a sudden, they start yelling: “Coca-Cola!” You turn around and there it is- a huge Coca-Cola billboard right behind your back. But, how do children associate a certain brand with their logo, even though they cannot read? The answer is simple – it’sstuff

sharad sagar

While steadily approaching another conference, we decided to refresh our memory with some great talks we enjoyed at 2017! So let’s start with Sharad Sagar, an Indian social entrepreneur featured in the Forbes “30 Under 30” global list (in 2016), and in The Rockefeller Foundation Centennial List of “100 Next Century Innovators”. I’vestuff

The Siren’s Call of a Well-crafted Call to Action

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally written in June 2016. Some things have changed since then, so we decided to update the post accordingly. Imagine buying the finest fishing equipment you can find, investing a lot of time and effort into putting it all together so that everything fits perfectly, doing your diligence whenstuff

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