How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name

Even if Daenerys Targaryen is your favourite “Game of Thrones” character, I sincerely doubt you can memorize her full name – Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons. Thestuff

Use .ME: Build a MEmorable Business Brand

If “The Godfather” movie made you read the books and understand characters better than you already know that every bit of business is personal as hell. Surely, you don’t have to be a Sicilian mafia boss to succeed in this crazy world of ours, but you can try to be different. Uniqueness marathon isn’t anstuff

Use .ME: Make Your Personal Brand AwesoME

Some would say that we grew up as a “me-obsessed” generation and that seems like a bad thing. But the fact is that we were blessed with the power of his majesty, the Internet. It happens we want the world to know about our special existence (and here comes the selfie-storm). When we finally grew-up,stuff

Back in 2011, Australia was on fire! It didn’t involve a huge natural disaster, alien attack or a visit from the Queen. All the fuss was about personalized Coca-Cola cans, with the most popular Australian names written boldly in the iconic Coke font. A bunch of people occupied the soft drinks shelves searching for theirstuff

Today’s kids are more tech-savvy than the most of us. They are considered to be digital natives and no doubt about it – technology has been a major influence on their development. They don’t have a clue about the way the world looked like before internet and smart devices. Having that in mind, their childhoodsstuff

Last week we brought to you Max Mckeown’s insights into three concepts – innovation, strategy, and nowism, from his talk at 2017 conference this May. The special we are serving today are notes from a talk by Peter Kim, the Vice-president of Digital Customer Engagement at The LEGO Group. Also, this man has hisstuff

Dr. Max Mckeown

This year’s Spark.Me opening keynote speaker was someone we have tried to bring to for the last 4 years, and all the effort certainly paid off! Listening to Dr. Max Mckeown, a best-selling author, strategic coach and behavioral psychologist, share his insights into how to navigate the turbulent times we are living in, wasstuff

Remember when you were little and the grown-ups always underlined the importance of playing nicely with your friends and sticking together? Since the beginning of time, man has functioned in a group and he strived towards nurturing reciprocal relationships. It was always about simultaneously supporting others and enjoying the support in return. This is perfectlystuff

Online Reputation 101: Just Because You Delete It, It Doesn't Mean It's Gone

Aside from functional literacy, today we are also talking about digital literacy and digital intelligence, something that, you are probably thinking, is pure common sense. However, here is a catch: digital intelligence means more than knowing how to FaceTime your mom, do elaborate calculations in Excel, or chronicle your life on Snapchat. It means knowing how to be astuff

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