keeping the internet directory safe from the tear

The internet directory, in principle, consists of two parts: a system for domain registration and a system for translating domain names into IP addresses (DNS). DNS servers translate human needs into meaningful computer activities. The operation of medical equipment, e-commerce, social networks, applications that we use every day wouldn’t be possible without it. Do youstuff

get to know the internet's directory what is dns

Instead of beginning this story with I had to tell my mother to google ‘What is DNS’ into the search bar, let me start this way. Ever wondered how the world of the internet, computers and smartphones works in general? Specifically, what needs to happen so we can see the website come alive before ourstuff

what can you do after your domain name expires

Here’s how my nightmare started. I’ve missed it! The one mental alarm I thought would go off (not to mention those countless domain renewal emails I ignored). So what now? Is my website unavailable? How will my clients see my work? Oh sh*@!t, they’ll think I’m not legit. Now before you point your fingers atstuff

10 tips on how to choose a perfect domain name

Let us start from the beginning. The world of the Internet is your opportunity to cross borders without physically leaving the comfort of your home (especially in these trying times, right?). If looking for a job, new creative outlet, or even deciding to open an online store, you need an address, so people can findstuff

what you need to know before your register your first domain name

Let’s imagine you made a decision: you want to build a website. There’s just a slight problem ahead: where to start? We know the online world might seem a bit overwhelming, so today we will try to bring you closer to everything you need to know about website creation. To make this journey as helpfulstuff

Domain Names and Trademarks – What’s the Connection?

In a game-changing decision on June 30, 2020, the Supreme Court decided that is capable of achieving U.S. federal trademark registration because it proved that the term, “Booking” plus “.Com” served as a trademark source identifier capable of achieving U.S. federal trademark registration. It was U.S. Trademark policy for years that one could notstuff

Cybersecurity awareness month are you cyber safe

Held every October, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an internationally renowned campaign which aims at raising public awareness on the importance of staying safe on the Internet. Here at .ME, we often find ourselves discussing the importance of personal accountability, the need to take proactive steps and be cyber-safe both at work and at home/otherwise. Instuff

What If Your Perfect Domain Name Already Has an Owner

You went through 10 pages writing down and crossing out your domain names ideas. Your friends stopped taking your calls and your family officially asked you to just decide already. But it was all worth it – you finally found a perfect domain name! There is only one problem – it’s already registered by someonestuff

Selling your website? Learn how to calculate its worth.

You’ve worked hard on your website for years. You’ve invested your time, effort, expertise, and resources into building an online presence. And now – you feel it’s the right time to cash out. Whether you feel is the time to move on to another project or you simply wish to collect the pay-off and spendstuff

What’s the deal with domain names? Why do they have such great importance for your brand and/or business? Well, firstly your domain name is the first contact between you and your audience. It’s a core part of your brand. Bear in mind that people often unconsciously might make false biases, assumptions, and prejudices on thatstuff

Estimated reading time: around 7 minutes Your domain name is your online home address, but why stop at purchasing only one property? Quite often you’ll notice international brands holding two, three, or even ten and twenty domains under their belt. Why? Because they use them to segment their product/services offer, target different demographics, reach remotestuff

Do you ever wonder how things work under the hood? For instance, how the hell does the microwave manage to heat up your food in under 60 seconds? Or how does the remote control switch channels, or how does the GPS navigation system operate? We rarely think about things that have become our everyday commoditystuff

What is DNSSEC and Why Should You Care About It

DNSSEC is a technology developed to protect us and the Domain Name System (DNS) against these malicious attacks, by digitally signing data so users are sure the answer we get from the DNS is valid. Read more about what DNSSEC is and how it works here.  Implementing DNSSEC requires several sides cooperating, as it hasstuff

Estimated reading time: around 18 minutes   If you’re planning to build a website, whether as a personal digital space for yourself or an online home for your business – you certainly have many questions regarding domain names. We admit it: the wholesome domain industry can be rather confusing, especially if you come from astuff

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