Despite the turbulent first half of the year, with more domain registrations and slightly less revenue in the absolute numbers, the .ME premium domain portfolio is growing steadily in the first half of 2022. Two-character domains remain the main revenue driver and the most popular category which gives us bragging rights, at least, when itstuff

Essential Steps To Run And Scale A Successful Startup

Getting your business off the ground may have been challenging, but scaling it up will bring a whole new set of issues to contend with. Now, assuming that you’ve successfully started a startup. Scalability is the ability of a startup to grow. Or, to put it more precisely, a scalable business can adapt to astuff

.ME has truly come a long way from the country code domain for Montenegro to the universally accepted synonym for personal online presence. Shortly after the public launch in July 2008, over 100,000 domains were registered in the first 48 hours and the .ME extension became the favorite domain for building brands committed to establishingstuff


Our premium domain report for 2021 is finally here! We are proud to announce that the demand for .ME premium names grew throughout 2021 which is one more indicator of the necessity of taking a business online and making customer relations more personal.  Also, from now on, the .ME premium domain report will be producedstuff

There is one thing all industries have in common: a constant drive for innovation, growth and creativity. Enter Steve Schlafman (Schlaf.me), a venture capitalist who seems to have an investment hand in all segments of life. You name it. From car insurance and organic feminine care products, to micro-schools, support for survivors of assault, andstuff

No Two Clients Are The Same Different Client Approaches

Our topic for today is a different client approach! Anyone who’s ever worked at an agency, as a freelancer, or with people at all, really – knows how difficult it is to manage clients and cater to their individual needs. Clients always come in different shapes and sizes, with unique personalities, priorities, brand strategies, creativestuff

Million registered domains - How .ME became one of the most famous export products of Montenegro

This is the story of how .ME celebrated million registered domains. Or better yet, this is the story of how .ME domain name became one of the most recognised export goods from Montenegro.  But before we get into ins and outs of our path to a million registered domains, we’d like to take this opportunitystuff

Annual .ME Premium Domain Report

If there had been any doubt about the importance of migrating a business from the offline to the online world, 2020 has eliminated that uncertainty. Companies that have been postponing digital transformation had to change to survive and we witnessed almost an unprecedented growth in e-commerce, online delivery, remote workforce and, ultimately, domain name registrations.stuff

how to improve your freelance career tips from .MErs

By now you’ve made your first freelance steps. We guess you’ve knee-deep into biding and chasing down job opportunities across various platforms. And we commend you for that! So we wanted to award the diligent work you’ve put into your freelance career. Therefore, we thought to help you out by sharing tips and tricks bystuff

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