Announcing 9th Summer Programming School In Kolašin

Well, it’s almost a decade. If our efforts in STEM education had had a body and mind of a  child, it would have been in third grade now. That’s pretty long period of time.  Luckily for us, we can count our progress with dozens of children participating in Summer programming schools so far. Faculty ofstuff

Summer Academic Course „It's My Treat, Start Up Is On Me“

Interested in being your own boss after you finish studies? Would you consider yourself a creative, ambitious, and friendly person? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, we have just a thing for you. Starting today, student organization “BEST” from Podgorica is organizing a Summer Academic Course with an interesting name – “It’s mystuff

Pursuit of Friendship

Last week, Montenegrin city of Bar was a host to 20 participants from all over the world who gathered together for the first Montenegrin philosophy cafe titled: „Pursuit of Friendship“. The meeting served as an introduction to XXVI International Philosophy Olympiad, which will take place in Bar from 23th to 27th of May 2018. Both eventsstuff

Great news from the 25th International Philosophy Olympiad

It’s a big day for us! We don’t want to boast much, but students and teachers from Montenegrin Gymnasium “Slobodan Škerović” participated in International Philosophy Olympiad held in Rotterdam and achieved great results! Special congratulations go to Danilo Đukanović who won Honorable mention in Essay writing competition among students from 45 countries. The satisfaction isstuff

Two Montenegrin Teams Win Recognition at FIRST LEGO League Open European Championship 2016!

Today, our hearts are big enough for the entire world to fit! Two Montenegrin teams that participated in the FIRST LEGO League Open European Championship 2016 returned home with recognition for their hard work and inventiveness. Competing among 116 teams from 40 countries, team “MonteBot” won third place in the Robot Design category, while team “Montero” won first place instuff

Attendees of 7th Summer Programming School, held in Kolasin.

Continuing with the tradition of investing in STEM education, .ME is organizing the 7th Summer Programing School in cooperation with Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics. Twenty primary and high school students interested in programing will have the opportunity to stretch their limits and expand their knowledge by attending the Summer School of Programing, whichstuff

UnderhillFest 2015 - International Film Festival

Someone said that documentaries are like malaria – they spread around the globe very fast. Particularly among young generation of filmmakers, who use D-films in order to explain the world we live in. „People want bigger truth about reality – it is the truth different from the one we see in traditional media or instuff

Montenegrin Kendo Federation representatives

In case you have not heard about it before, Kendo, or “the way of the sword” is ancient Japanese martial art similar to European fencing. It is considered that kendo developed from kenjutsu when samurai started using bamboo swords (shinai) and body armour (bogu) during their practice instead of katana. Like all oriental martial artsstuff

Montenegrin high-school and elementary school students participated in Knowledge Olympiad 2015

When I was a high-school student I was chosen to represent my class in a school competition. I still remember the enormous pride I felt. That is probably how every one of young people who competed in Knowledge Olympiad 2015 felt, added the fact that they are competing in a nation wide competition – astuff

The doMEn team, who’s behind the experience, has been sparking the imagination and entrepreneurial spirit through its annual conference Spark.Me. This interactive event brings inspiration, business and the startup community together at the beautiful Montenegrin coast, and spices it all up with some of the best speakers available. This year, everything is taking placestuff

One of .ME's New Year Resolutions is doing #DeedADay. Join us!

I usually don’t do New Year’s resolutions, because I am afraid I will break every single one of them and then feel bad. And as the year comes to an end, I am only looking forward to the rest during the holidays. The feeling of a new-year-giving-new- opportunities has gone with writing that marketing plan two weeksstuff

It has been several days since one of the most violent storms took place in the Balkans. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia may have their worst weather days behind them, but that does not mean that the hard part is over. Although there is no more fear of storms,  some barriers may not hold off the next expectingstuff

Today is the first sunny day in the Balkans after a violent four-day storm that devastated the scenery. In parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, that sun shines over streams that were once streets. Tens of thousands of people who walked those streets only a few short days ago now live in evacuation centers. Motor andstuff

The beginning of March is that time of the year when Austin, TX becomes the pop-culture capital of the world. With South by South West gathering the brightest minds and talent from the world of music, movie and tech one can only imagine what kind of innovative competitions, shows, plays (and parties) will be organizedstuff

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