We came across a very interesting blog post, which is a perfect reminder about great win for .ME Registry – allocation of About.ME for Tony Conrad’s project. “Montenegro, a small country tucked into Southeast Europe, bordered by Bosnia and Hezergovina, Serbia, Croatia and Abania, has just over 600,000 residents. Among its most valuable exports ofstuff

Podgorica, Montenegro – April 14, 2011 – The recent devastating disasters in Japan have left many registrants without the ability to renew their domain names.  The .ME Registry would like to alleviate concerns amongst Japanese .ME domain name holders by waiving renewal fees for one full year for all names that expire or will expirestuff

Podgorica, Montenegro – March 22, 2011 – Social media sites worldwide are finding .ME a perfect partner in promoting their goals of connectivity and individualism… two things every person entering a social media site is truly looking for. According to a 2010 Nielsen report, social media and blog sites account for one in every fourstuff

Good news for all .ME lovers and supporters! Some 30 premium .ME personal names are made available for registration through Sedo. You just need to go to Sedo.com, type a name from the list below in the domain searchbox and make an offer. alonso.me monica.me emma.me dava.me amistad.me moshe.me gheller.me declan.me bjoern.me neumann.me hana.me elijah.mestuff

Remember GetPersonalWith.ME, a cool site which promotes registration of personal .ME names? Well, after the Valentine’s day promotion they are back with a new feature – .ME stories. Their post “If you’ve used a .me domain name to do something cool or interesting, why not share it with the world?”, also reflects this blog’s effortsstuff

Podgorica, Montenegro – Feb. 22, 2011 – The .ME Registry is proud to announce that Montenegro will host the opening of the 2011 Web Fest, Eastern Europe’s largest Internet conference. The event, sponsored this year by the .ME Registry, opens Sept. 22 and remains open through November. The annual festival and conference is the region’sstuff

Glad to announce that 2010 was a very good year for the Montenegrin extension, since a steady registration growth  and increase in the aftermarket sales continued. According to Sedo’s domain market study, with 3% of overall domains sold at Sedo, dotME is among top ten ccTLD sales in 2010. More importantly, with 6% share, .MEstuff

Mike Sullivan, a domain investor and developer has made an interview with Natasa Djukanovic, Sales and Marketing director at .ME Registry. Check it out! DO YOU HAVE .ME IN YOUR PORTFOLIO Mike: When did .ME originally launch and when was it made available to those outside Montenegro? Natasa:  .ME, the country code TLD was assignedstuff

According to the ComScore report, FormSpring.ME is among the top six  social network sites in the USA. This question /answer exchange network, was started in November 2009 by Ade Olonoh and immediately became very popular (2 billion responses so far). What is more interesting, this is the only social network on the list which usesstuff

NewYork Times published an article about ccTLD usage concentrating on those domains which have global meaning and are widely used outside the home country. As expected, .ME extension is one of these – it has been contributing for more than two years to promotion of personalized internet content and to putting Montenegro on the (virtual)stuff

PODGORICA, Montenegro (Feb. 1, 2011) – Some of the most flirtatious domains available online go up for auction in just two days. You can bid to own Love.Me, Kiss.Me, Miss.Me, Want.Me, and even Hate.Me at the DOMAINfest .ME auctions beginning Thursday. These .ME premium domains will be included in two Moniker® and SnapNames® auctions asstuff

ThreeWords.ME has been already featured on the blog, but recently there has been a lot of buzz about this so called “vanity app” that we simply had to post an update. According to Mashable the service is sold to Kevin Ham, domain mogul whose portfolio includes $300 million worth of domain names. Mark Bao, astuff

Podgorica, Montenegro (Jan. 27, 2011) – Earlier this month, the .ME Registry and Go Daddy, the world’s largest Web hosting provider and top domain name registrar, announced their intention to support the dreams of students interested in a college education through the launch of the Go Daddy .ME Scholarship Program. Through the initiative, 10 deservingstuff

PODGORICA, Montenegro – Jan. 20, 2011 – Who wouldn’t want to Love.Me, Kiss.Me, Miss.Me at the most romantic time of year? On Feb. 3, online entrepreneurs and romantics alike can bid for some of the world’s most flirtatious domains at the DOMAINfest .ME auction. In the United States, every Feb. 14, tens of millions ofstuff

From the aftermarket point of view 2010 was a great year for .ME domain names. It started with personal names auction on Namejet in April, followed by Snap Names auction in May and finally big Sedo auction organized in November. There were some really high winning bids for names such as Like.ME ($ 26 500),stuff

Adi News recently posted s great article (see below) about domain personalization and success of .ME startups, predominately About.ME. It also features internet marketing experts talking about branding with .ME domains. Definitely worth checking out! Personalized Domains Personalized domains and domains ending in .ME are becoming very popular. Self promotion is the highest form ofstuff

PODGORICA, Montenegro – Dec. 17, 2010 – The .Me Registry and partner, Afilias, a global provider of Internet infrastructure services, announced today that .ME domains are now enabled with Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). “Dot-ME is a popular and innovative top-level domain option offering many unique ways to personalize any site,” said Predrag Lesic,stuff

.ME has been already recognized for the ability to create call-to-action and its world wide usage for personalized websites, blogs and e-mail addresses. But what about its use for mobile websites? Roger Whabe, President of Yooter Interactive, shared his opinion about .ME’s mobile potential at TribbleAdAgency. “When .me showed up it was a no-brainer, it’sstuff

One of the Internet’s newest and most alluring startups, About.Me, is live on the Web. The site will allow anyone to quickly and simply assemble a personal splash page, all-inclusive of every social network to which they belong. “About-dot-Me is all about you… just like dot-ME itself,” notes Predrag Lesic, Executive Director of the .MEstuff

After very successful renewal period and big numbers scored at auction hosted by SEDO,  Predrag Lesic, the CEO of .ME Registry decided to write a short article in which he elaborates on possible difficulties of setting up the TLD, touches on the subject of domain industry in general and explains what is the driving forcestuff

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