In today’s fast-paced world it is hard to remain focused at all times. One’s attention is split between the obligations at work, focus on the family’s well being, social life at the tips of our fingers and the pressure of always being connected. While it may be tiring at times, in the overly digital erastuff

5 Things Parents Need to Know about COPPA Act

As if the list of parental responsibilities was not long enough already, the digital world added one more item to the list: taking care of kids’ online safety. On their road to fulfil this quest, parents will be faced with many potholes and crossroads. They will need reliable information to help them make smart decisions.stuff

Raising a More Authentic Generation

What’s the difference between an online persona and an offline one?  The answer should be nothing. Our online presence should be an extension of who we are as a person, not a carefully curated version of it.  But after one scroll through social media, you’ll find perfect vacation photos that hide our jet lag, fancystuff

how is gen alpha using technology

Gen Alpha is a generation of kids who were navigating their way around YouTube before they were out of diapers, and they will soon dethrone Millennials and Gen-Z as the go-to consumer segment for big brands. It is no surprise that we have all been concerned with the impact the Internet will have on thestuff

How parents can help protect Gen Alpha’s online data

Don’t share your address online, don’t post your phone number, don’t give out too much personal info – Millennials grew up hearing all of the usual warnings about internet safety. And while these are still good tips, Gen Alpha will have to deal with a different type of online security: data privacy.  Each video, eachstuff

why you shouldn't worry about gen alpha and internet

Since the internet existed, so too has the worry about the impact it’s having on younger generations. What is it teaching our kids? Is it making attention spans shorter? Is it turning us into robots? But while internet safety should always be a priority, parents shouldn’t panic about how it’s shaping Generation Alpha. It turnsstuff

Raising the first generation of digital natives is not an easy task for any parent, no matter how tech-savvy they are. Today’s kids use apps like Instagram almost intuitively – to share photos, videos, messages, and stay connected with peers and family. Teens across the globe consider their digital identity to be as important asstuff

Be deliberate when building the online brand of your child.

Deep in our 30s, the thing my friends and I talk about the most at parties is any variation on: “Thank God we didn’t have social media when we were teenagers”. When I was young the worst possible consequence for doing something embarrassing (aside from police intervention) was that everyone at school would find out.stuff

children digital safety

Parents’ philosophies on the digital safety of their children is as different as, well, parental philosophies on parenting. I have friends who share every single aspect of their child’s life on social media, starting with the first sonogram. Every milestone, from their first steps to their first day of school is immortalized on Twitter, Facebook,stuff

The Internet is a wonderful resource, a place to explore, learn, create and find inspiration, full of activities you really want your child to engage in. On the other hand, it is perfectly natural to feel a bit weary- there are a lot of things you do not want your youngsters to see at an early age. Luckily, there is a way to make Internet use safe for your child. All it takes is a little bit of your time and some preparation.stuff

We at Domain .Me love kids and writing about them! Recently we had a very interesting discussion and decided to explore more about baby domains/websites and see what people think about it. Choosing a baby ‘s name became like an adventure today. It seems everyone is trying to give a more unique, special and differentstuff

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